Sofins 2019: Cathyor exhibits the FLY-K Mk2 individual grenade launcher

At Sofins 2019, the fourth edition of this exhibition dedicated to Special Operations Forces, Cathyor Engineering presents its FLY-K Mk2 individual and mobile grenade launcher.

sofins 2019 caytheor fly k individual grenade launcher

The Fly-K Mk2 stealth weapon systems is designed to give individual, squad or platoon scale, an enormous advantage of being able to engage the enemy without betraying  its location. During night time operations, grenades are not detectable when firing and the trajectory cannot be observed or traced by radar, which provides a huge tactical advantage.

The Fly-K Mk2 is already successfully implemented in the UAE and French Army. To meet the latest French Army requirements, the Fly-K was granted a new range indicator, digital display mounted on top of the launcher, a new base plate which offers a better sitting on the ground, a new ball and socket for a better clearance.

The system is a compact lightweight and rugged weapon designed for close combat range providing extended firepower. It is currently fielded by the French Land, Navy, Air, Special Forces and French Foreign Legion. The combination of its easy use, the stealthy firing and wide grenade range such as grapnel, tactical ladder, High Explosive Fragmentation, Smoke, target practice with marker or visual/infrared illumination makes it an effective and flexible system.