SOFINS 2019: Etienne Lacroix becomes exclusive distributor of Ulbrichts Protection titanium helmets

The French company Etienne-Lacroix is at the forefront of ballistic protection with Unitive, exclusive distributor of Ulbrichts Protection titanium helmets in France. Following the signature of an exclusive distribution contract in December 2018, Unitive will market, for France, the helmets of the Austrian company Ulbrichts Protection, a specialist in the manufacture of ballistic helmets for decades.

etienne lacroix ulbricht helmets sofins 2019
The familly of helmet at Sofins 2019

A pioneer in the field of ballistic protection, Ulbrichts Protection masters titanium stamping and offers a range of helmets made of titanium and hybrid titanium, ultramodern. The live tests proved the trust that Unitive and its partner Ulbrichts Protection had in the products they market.

Three major families of helmets are available:
ZENTURIO: helmet used for special forces counter-terrorism missions
HOPLIT: helmet for first responders and police force. A short-cut helmet is also available for special forces and armed forces.
OPTIO: helmet dedicated to crowd control and law enforcement.


A demonstration has been performed, during which the hybrid helmet (titanium / aramid) model Zenturio was placed on a soap head. The advantage of this material is that it has the same characteristics of resistance as a human head. A radar was present to measure the speed of each fired projectile. The shot was fired at 5 meters for handguns on the helmet, and at 10 meters for the long guns on the helmet and frontal Fortis plate. The speed gain was 2.5 meters from the helmet.

From the 9mm para to the 7.62x39mm through the 5.45mm, Ulbrichts helmets not only stop projectiles but, better than that, they disperse most of the ammunition's energy on impact. This results in low residual energy (<25 joules) protecting the head from trauma. Guests were able to see the effectiveness of the helmets that had previously been verified by the results of VPAM demonstrations under laboratory conditions. This day was organized by Unitive, a subsidiary of the Etienne-Lacroix group, created in 2016, and officially presented on Eurosatory 2018. This entity, dedicated to the supply of equipment and services for defense and security, markets products Innovative equipment for French police forces and armed forces, for their missions on French territory and in external operations.