SOFINS 2019: Metravib PILAR V integrated on Arquus Bastion APC

French company Metravib is exhibiting its PILAR V acoustic gunshot at SOFINS 2019.

metravib pilar v acoustic gunshot detector arquus bastion sofins 2019
Metravib's PILAR V on Arquus Bastion APC (Picture source Army Recognition)

Metravib's PILAR V - Integrated is an acoustic gunshot detection system that is intuitive and easy to use. The PILAR V is designed to be mounted on any armoured vehicle, the information is reported through the vehicle's BMS. The PILAR V is an all-in-one, lightweight and robust product, with an easy simple interface and is MIL-STD compliant. Each microphones are replaceable and don't require any calibration. A training mode is available (with blank ammunition).

The PILAR V cover a 360° area and is always active. The system can filter any outgoing fire to avoid false detection and report. The PILAR V has an accuracy of around 2° azimuth and 3° of elevation with a 10% margin of distance estimation. It can detects if single of burst shots are fired in its direction and can identifies a wide range of calibre. The system is also capable of being mounted on a remote weapon station.