SOFINS 2019: Nexter Systems soldier's helmet-mounted information system

At SOFINS 2019, the Special Forces Operations Equipment Exhibition, the French Company Nexter Systems presents new innovation equipment called FINDAFI mounted on combat helmet used to provide navigation and positioning of dismounted soldier and airborne troops.

Nexter Systems soldiers helmet mounted information system 925 001
(Picture source Army Recognition)

The helmet is fitted with different sensors which can be connected to GPS information transmitters able to provide worldwide localization for individual soldiers. Currently, the system is on the demonstration phase, but in the next few months, the French Army will receive some sample to perform field tests.

The FINDADFI® is made of a modular Exo-helmet (adaptable on any kind of existing soldier's helmet without modification), and of functional modules coupled to a display. The functional modules (GNSS, barometer, radio ... ) and the display are commutable without specific tool and adaptable to the mission needs.

The Nexter FINDAFI displays in the soldier's field of view, the necessary navigation and positioning information for the mission, including for paratroopers during a parachute descent. It also offers information during night/day infiltration action and close combat operations. The system can be coupled to night/day hand-held binoculars and navigation devices.

The Nexter FINDADI can be integrated into any types of helmet and can be connected to all day/night vision systems or navigation devices available to the current military market.