SOFINS 2019: Ruag showcases its compact armour and infantry robotic target

The Swiss company Ruag Defence is present at SOFINS 2019 (France) to showcases its compact armour and infantry robotic target: the Scopus 200.

SOFINS 2019 Scopus showcases its compact armour and infantry targets
Scopus 200 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Live-fire exercises are a key aspect of soldier training. These pop-up targets provide a simple and robust tool for successful live-fire training. RUAG pop-up targets are suitable for live-fire training with a wide range of calibres – from pistols to tanks. A trainer remotely operates and monitors up to 250 pop-up targets on the firing range from a safe distance.

Thanks to its 4-wheel drive, the Scopus 200 is driving without any constraint, in all directions. It offers the possibility of performing U-turns on the spot, thus allowing training in confined areas.

- Goes on all types of terrain (bitumen, dirt road, sand, snow, gravel)
- Possibility to go up or down slopes of 60% frontal and 30% lateral
- Ballistic protection and detection up to 7.62 mm
- Anti-ricochet plates on all sides
- Anti-collison system thanks to its integrated LIDAR
The Scopus 200 can be controlled manually, can learn courses, replay them and simulate human behaviors (obstacle avoidance, reaction to a taking party (flight or assault)).