SOFINS 2019: Senop showcases its hand-held multipurpose observation and surveillance system: Lilly

Senop is showcasing  its products during SOFINS 2019 (France) , including its hand-held multipurpose observation and surveillance system: Lilly. The Finish Company showcases it on UNITIVE booth, as this young subsidiary of Etienne Lacroix Group is its distributor for the French market.

sofins 2019 senop lilly
Lilly (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Senop Lilly is a compact multifunctional thermal imager that has exceptional situational awareness capabilities with minimal power consumption. Lilly is a superior tool for observation, reconnaissance and target acquisition. Versatile connectivity and communication possibilities ensure a high situational awareness level for Lilly user`s as well as other groups, with whom it shares data. It is specifically designed for urban operations and for use by special forces and reconnaissance units.

The direct view day channel, which is equipped with a high-resolution camera making it possible to take both video and still images, does not require an energy source to operate and can therefore be used in power off mode.
A wide field of view gives the user a good view of their surroundings. A high-end thermal core together with high precision IR-optics gives excellent DRI ranges.

In addition to local operation, Lilly supports advanced information and situational awareness sharing. It can be connected to different C4I systems using either a cable or wireless connection.

Overall energy management is also designed to meet and exceed the needs of today’s operations. As well as commercial and military battery and vehicle usage, it can be connected to several advanced power sources externally such as solar panels and fuel cells to meet 24/7 usability.

Senop Lilly is an ITAR-free device and can be easily customized in order to meet exact customer needs.
Main features:
• Uncooled Thermal Imager
• Direct view optical channel
• Image fusion
• Full colour Oled display
• Navigation systems (NAVSTAR GPS C/A code (GPS), GLONASS, Galileo, SAASM)
• Laser Range Finder (LRF)
• Digital Magnetic Compass (DMC)
• Laser pointer
• Connectivity (USB, Ethernet, Serial 232, Digital video out, DC input, WLAN, Bluetooth)
• Power options (internal / external power source)