SOFINS 2019: Senop showcases its know-how in FCS and NVG devices

Senop is exhibiting its know-how in FCS and NVG during SOFINS 2019, exhibition dedicated to Special Forces Operation, taking place in Camp de Souge in France. The Finish Company showcases its cutting edge technologies on UNITIVE booth, as this young subsidiary of Etienne Lacroix Group is its distributor for the French market.

senop husky fcs vvlite nvg sofins 2019 1
The Husky Fire contro thermal sight (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Husky fire control thermal sight is a smart and accurate weapons sight with integrated uncooled thermal imager, eyesafe laser range finder, GPS, inertial measurement unit, digital magnetic compass and ballistic computer. Thanks to is thermal sights enhanced features, the Husky provides a high first hit probability in any environental conditions. It only takes a single push of a key to rapidly calculate the aimning dot by using distance, ammunition's ballistic tables, temperature and measured terrain angle. Husky thermal sight is ideal for a wide range of applications including grenade machine guns, remote weapon stations and reconnaissancec and observation systems. The mechanical and electrical interfaces can be easily customized in order to meet exact customer requirement or needs.

senop husky fcs vvlite nvg sofins 2019 2
The VVLITE (Picture source Army Recognition)

Senop is also exhibiting the VVLITE night vision goggle. The VVLITE are lightweight and compact high-performance night vision goggles, designed for a wide range of night operations. You can choose from a range of models with a field of view of 40,50 or 60 °, all of wich incrase soldiers' situational awareness of their environment during night operations. The wide field of view of the VVLITE also allow for rapid and safer movement, particularly during MOUT ( Military Operation on Urban Terrain).