SOFINS 2019: Titan Defense showcases tactical fuelling solutions

Titan Defense is a world leading specialist of tactical fuelling solutions. Its range includes fuel tankers, aircraft refuellers, containerized solutions, and forward area refueling equipment.

Titan Defense Refuller
Titan Defense specializes in tactical refuellers, like this model on Arquus Armis chassis (Picture source: Titan Defense)

With 60 years of industry experience and over 5,000 equipment built, their products and services have been tested and proven by governments and military forces across the globe. The spirit of the company is to work in partnership with its customers to solve complex challenges for all operating environments. This is why Titan Defense chose to exhibit some new special forces products of its range for the 2019 SOFINS, especially exploring new FARP concepts. FARP means Forward Area Refuelling Point. Most rotary wing special operations are of extended duration and additional fuel stops are essential. When a conventional refueling is not possible, Forward Area Refuelling operations are requested, generally under tactical conditions and at remote locations. A FARP operation is a complicated but agile process, making it difficult for the enemy to predict your operations.

Titan Defense enrouleur
Titan Defense hose reel FARP system (Picture source: Titan Defense)

The latest innovation presented by Titan is the Rotor (Rapid-One-to-One Refuelling). This module is an all-in-one air-transportable equipment. It allows the transfer of fuel from the tanks of a tactical aircraft (Fatcow) to a helicopter to be refuelled. The system was made in joint development with the French Military Fuel Service and enhances considerably the concept of FARP with very minimum response time.

Titan Defense Palfinger FARP
Titan Defense Palfinger (Picture source: Titan Defense)

Titan Defense also worked closely with Palfinger to propose an even more versatile concept based on the Palfinger Crayler. The combination of expertise leads to a remote controlled and self-propelled compact vehicle dedicated to FARP Operations. The complete system can be flown by helicopter and operated under tactical conditions. For the first time, heavy fuel systems are handled easily on remote locations opening up unprecedented possibilities in terms of fuelling performance, turnaround time and mobility. This concept may be a game changer in FARP operations.