Milipol Paris 2019: Brazilian companies presents their know-how

Eight companies associated to ABIMDE (Associação Brasileira das Indústrias de Materiais de Defesa e Segurança) are exhibiting in the 21th edition of Milipol, which happens in Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, November 19th to 22th, 2019.

Milipol 2019 Brazilian company presents their know how

Among the companies, that shows their products, services and innovations in the Defense area are the BCA, CBC, Condor, IS (Indústria da Solução), Kryptus, M&K, Poly Defensor and Taurus. Milipol is one of the most important fairs in the world. More than one thousand exhibitors of 53 countries; almost 30 thousand visitors; more than 160 delegations, were present in the last edition in 2017.

The participation in Milipol is promoted by an ABIMDE sectorial project - Apex-Brazil (Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos), with the Ministério da Defesa e do Ministério das Relações Exteriores (MRE) support.

"The participation of Brazilian companies will be more than a big opportunity to expand their business in the international market. The ABIMDE believes and invests in these initiatives, counting with partnerships of Apex-Brazil and Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense to disseminate the technologic solutions and products developed by our industry", emphasize the director of ABIMDE Projects, Paulo Albuquerque.

Check below the companies associated which participates in Milipol 2019 and the solutions that are presented:

- BCA: "Technologic solutions to save lives" will be the theme of BCA Ballistic Protection to Milipol 2019, as Neoflextape®: the only self-adhesive ballistic blanket in the world and in highlight the new launch of Neoflexplate® Level III line, the personal protection plates used in the Cup of 2014 and Olympic and Paralympics in 2016 now with a new option: 20% lighter and with less thickness, increasing user mobility.

- CBC (COMPANHIA BRASILEIRA DE CARTUCHOS): presents at Milipol their full products portfolio, including the innovative solutions and high performance specifically developed for the military and police segment, highlighting the munitions .50 Reduced Range, 5.56x45mm munition SAT (Steel Arrow Tip), 5.56x45mm munition and IR Tracer 7.62x51mm, as well as the 40x53 mm munition of high speed in training and operational versions used by the Brazilian and international Armed Forces.

- CONDOR NON-LETHAL TECHNOLOGIES – focused in non-lethal concept, currently, produces more than 120 different products homologated by the Brazilian Army, like controlled impact munitions, (rubber projectiles and other materials), tearful explosive grenades, grenades and smoke munitions and pepper sprays.

- IS (INDÚSTRIA DA SOLUÇÃO) – With a differentiated technology which brings together shielding to electricity (non-lethal), the IS pretends meet not only the Defense sector, but also the civil, focusing on cargo safety, residence, container or any surface requiring protection. The technology of electric shielding consists in use electric discharges, always with a non-lethal way, raising the difficult in criminal practice.

- KRYPTUS – Complete Solutions in Cybernetic Defense and Strategic Communications Security will be the themes of Kryptus during the Milipol. Special highlight to the unbreakable BruitBlanc encryption system and to the turn-key pack of Cyber defense center.

- M&K: logistics advisory services, international representation, product development and international logistics transport.

- POLY DEFENSOR: presents a new concept of non-lethal devices to the public security market - PSi Pro - Non-lethal spray for the 21th century.

- TAURUS: presents the most recent brand's launch which includes the T4 rifles 5.56 caliber, the G3 gun, newly launched in United States, and the Striker gun type TS9 in 9 mm caliber specially developed to the police and military job.