SOFINS 2019: BOOXT showcases its ultra light buggy

Booxt, a french company that designs and produces a range of high performance buggy, is present at IDEX 2019 in France to showcase its “Booxt Assaut Buggy”.

SOFINS 2019 BOOXT showcases its ultra light buggy
Booxt  Assaut Buggy (Picture source Army Recognition)

This vehicle is a light buggy of 1000kg that can handle a playload of 700 kg and have a speed up to 160km/h, for an autonomy of 800km.

Transportable by air, it has 2.0L DIESEL 180HP/400Nm engine and a 6 speeds low ratio manual gearbox. This modular platform could fit all requirements: special operations, recognition, surveillance, rescue, etc.

It comes with optional equipments, such as light armored shield door, airless Michelin tires, Pilar V shot detection (GPS point), weapon arms up to 7.62 mm.
The BOOXT’s vehicles are produced in France since 2016, based on robust frame and on Peugeot car parts