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Integrated Convoy Protection (ICP) is a South African-based company that designs and produces REVA armoured personnel carriers. The acronym REVA stands for Reliable, Effective, Versatile and Affordable, personifying the clear mission of the vehicle and its designers – to produce a ballistic and blast-protected carrier. The manufacturing capabilities in South Africa currently equate to 30 vehicles per month. ICP are the owners of the Blue Print data pack of the REVA 4x4 that was designed in October 2004. ICP has two production sites, one in South Africa and one in Amman, Jordan.

Introduced in August 2021, Twiga Services and Logistics’ Nyati 4x4 mine and ballistic protected vehicle range provides a powerful platform for various battlefield and peacekeeping requirements. The Nyati Infantry Fighting Vehicle variant, with a light turret and two hard weapon mounts accommodating up to a 20mm cannon, is suited for motorised infantry, counter-insurgency, specialised policing and special forces operations.

The Bulldog M34 is a Multi-Purpose Security Vehicle (MPSV) suitable for on and off-road applications. It is also referred to as a Public order Police and Riot Control vehicle. The body is made of welded armour steel construction. The vehicle is fitted with various riot control-related systems including a scraper system to remove obstacles from the road surface. It can accommodate 12 crew members.

In a major boost to Africa’s indigenous aerospace industry, Paramount Aerospace Industries, the subsidiary of the global aerospace and technology company Paramount Group, on September 21 announced that it has secured customers and orders from several air forces for its revolutionary ‘Mwari’, the advanced reconnaissance, surveillance, and precision strike aircraft.