April 2020 Global Defence & Security Industry - Military News


The Russian Defense Ministry completed the deployment of the latest Nebo-M and Podlet radars in the Far East. Now the air defense can detect aircraft, drones, cruise missiles and hypersonic craft at a distance of hundreds of kilometers. The target data will be transmitted in real-time to launchers. The air defense has been reinforced by Fundament-M automatic control system. Experts said the single radar shield previously existed only in Crimea, the Izvestia daily writes.

Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) is ramping up the deliveries of upgraded BMP-2M Berezhok tracked IFVs Infantry Fighting vehicles to the troops, according to the MoD’s officials. The BMP-2M infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) is an upgraded version of the BMP-2 IFV equipped with a Berezhok turret armed with a 30mm 2A42 automatic gun, a 7.62mm PKT coaxial machine gun, a 30mm AG-17 automatic grenade launcher and four launchers of 9M133 Kornet series anti-tank guided missiles.

On April 28, Germany and France at last signed a framework agreement defining the project organization and management structures of the heavy land combat system’s architecture. “The MGCS project to be implemented under German leadership is to replace the German Leopard 2 and the French Leclerc from the mid-2030s. With this project, Germany and France are sending an important signal for European cooperation in defense policy,” the German Defense Ministry said.

Collins Aerospace Systems, a unit of Raytheon Technologies, has received its eighth delivery order from the U.S. Army to provide AN/PRC-162 ground radios for the Handheld, Manpack and Small Form Fit (HMS) program. The Collins Aerospace AN/PRC-162 brings better performance to the battlefield in both dismounted and vehicular mounted solutions, with or without two available 50-watt external high-power amplifiers. The optional compact vehicle mounting kit can be retrofitted in the field in less than a day, providing lower life cycle costs and flexibility in deployment.

All the South Korea's first locally developed anti-aircraft guided missile systems Cheongung also called KM-SAM have been delivered to the South Korean army, the arms procurement agency said Tuesday, April 28, 2020. Nicknamed the "Korean Patriot," the system has been deployed since 2015, after the Agency of the Defense Development completed its development in 2011, according to the Defense Acquisition Program Administration.

According to a video released by General Dynamics (GD) UK on its Twitter account on April 27, 2020, in recent months, General Dynamics UK has been undertaking a wide-range of AJAX Reliability Growth Trials. The AJAX, formerly known as the Scout SV (Specialist Vehicle), is a family of tracked armored vehicles being developed by General Dynamics UK for the British Army to replace the family of CVRT reconnaissance tracked armored.olore.

Taiwan has reportedly test-fired a new missile capable of striking targets located as far as central China, a new weapon that will soon enter mass production, Huang Tzu-ti reports in Taiwan News. NCSIST has declined to comment on reports of the missile tests, citing the sensitivity of the matter.

Capco LLC, Grand Junction, Colorado, was awarded a $33,600,571 firm-fixed-price contract for 40 mm M320 and 40 mm M320A1 grenade launchers. Bids were solicited via the internet with one received. Work locations and funding will be determined with each order, with an estimated completion date of April 26, 2025. U.S. Army Contracting Command, New Jersey, is the contracting activity.

The commander of the IRGC's UAV unit announced they will acquire Fotros UAVs. The Fotros is developed by the Ministry of Defense's aerospace organization and has an endurance of up to 30 hours, a maximum flight ceiling of 25,000 feet, and an operating range up to 2,000 kilometers. It is also reported that the new Mohajer 6 model will have an improved engine and an automatic landing and take-off system.

The Swiss army has just approved the induction of a new version of the 8x8 GDELS (General Dynamics European Land Systems) Piranha V combat vehicle in self-propelled mortar carrier version called Mörser 16. It consists of a 120 mm (12 cm) RUAG MRO Cobra mortar system mounted on the Piranha V wheeled armored vehicle. According to the delivery plan of the Swiss Army, the vehicle will enter in service in 2024. 

On April 23, 2020, invoking the COVID-19 crisis, Polish minister of Defense Mariusz Błaszczak published a message on Twitter saying that "We will acquire equipment primarily from Polish factories. We are currently finalizing a contract for 50,000 Maskpol composite ballistic helmets. Information about the next contracts soon. We are strengthening the army by supporting the Polish industry".

According to pictures released on the Flickr account of the U.S. secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy, during a visit to the BAE Systems factory on April 22, 2020, the Company has presented its project of the latest development of a light tank for the Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) program of the U.S. Army. The MPF program is designed to provide a mobile, protected, direct, offensive fire capability across the spectrum of terrains and operations for the army’s Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT).

AeroVironment, a global leader in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), on April 23 announced the availability of Quantix Recon, a lightweight, rapidly deployable, fully-automated reconnaissance solution that delivers high resolution, georeferenced terrain, vegetation and infrastructure imagery, providing ground forces with on-demand actionable intelligence.

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