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Italian Defense Company IDV (IVECO Defence Vehicles) officially delivered the first of 1,185 medium multirole protected vehicles called Manticore to the Dutch Armed Forces on November 30, 2023, during the NEDS defense exhibition in Rotterdam in the presence of Vice Admiral Jan Willem Hartman, Commander of the Materiel and IT Command (COMMIT) and National Armaments Director of the Dutch Army.

Israeli company Elbit Systems Ltd. and Romanian firm CN ROMARM S.A., through their subsidiary S Uzina Automecanica Moreni S.A. (UAM), have entered into a cooperation agreement focused on artillery production, including the ATMOS 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer. This landmark agreement aims to establish a Romanian Artillery Center involving other local companies, aimed at bolstering Romania's industrial base, creating job opportunities, and laying a foundation for independent artillery production in the country.

Washington D.C., United States, November 30, 2023 - In a significant humanitarian move, the United States has airlifted 24.5 metric tons (over 54,000 pounds) of U.N. humanitarian supplies to support the people of Gaza, Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder announced on November 28, 2023. The consignment includes essential medical supplies, warm clothing, and food and nutrition assistance, meeting urgent needs in the region.

Caracas, Venezuela, November 30, 2023 – In a significant escalation of tensions in the Latin America region, the Venezuelan government has announced plans for impending military operations against the Republic of Guyana. Sources close to the government reveal that detailed preparations are underway, including the deployment of military personnel, in anticipation of a referendum scheduled for December 3, 2023.

On November 28, Texelis officially launched Celeris, its new turnkey offer for vehicle mobility that is aimed at OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and institutional partners looking to expand their portfolio by integrating modern, high-performance, military-grade mobility on their vehicles, without having to worry about adapting or developing a new mobility solution. Celeris is also a unique opportunity for companies looking forward to entering the vehicle market, by building their offer on a fully developed, qualified and proven solution.

According to, intense conflict is ongoing between ethnic Shan guerrillas and the military junta in northern Myanmar along the border with China. In response to this situation, Beijing has initiated "real combat exercises" to protect its territory. China is determined to prevent the spill-over of the Myanmar conflict into its own territory, and as a result, it is conducting extensive military drills along its border with Myanmar. Chinese authorities have also urgently advised their citizens to leave the conflict-affected northern region of Myanmar.

In Tunisia, the presence of Dongfeng Mengshi CSK-131 armored vehicles, originating from China, has been observed in the capital city, Tunis. These vehicles are distinguishable by their digital camouflage and the display of the Tunisian flag, indicating that they are currently undergoing evaluation by the Tunisian armed forces.

According to a tweet by Daniel of Bohemia, dated November 29, 2023, the Czech Republic is currently receiving a thousand Minimi Mk.3 7.62x51 machine guns, marking a step in the modernization of their military equipment. These weapons, with their robust accessories, complement the already in-service Minimi Mk.2 7.62x51 in the Czech armed forces.

Saab, the renowned Swedish defense company, has announced a major contract with South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration. This agreement, valued at approximately SEK 795 million (about $77 million), focuses on the support and supply of spare parts for the Arthur weapon locating systems. Spanning five years, from 2023 to 2028, the contract underscores the strategic importance of the Arthur system in modern warfare.

On November 29, 2023, Airbus announced the signature of a contract with the Spanish Ministry of Defense for the development and acquisition of SIRTAP, a state-of-the-art High Performance Tactical Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). This initiative is set to significantly enhance the tactical capabilities of the Spanish Army and the Air and Space Force.

According to ANI on November 27, 2023, the Indian Army is about to issue a tender a tender for the acquisition of 200 new locally-made self-propelled howitzers equipped with 105 mm guns. The aim of this procurement is to enhance mobile firepower in high-altitude border areas, particularly along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China.

Warsaw, Poland, November 29, 2023 –Citing information published on the Z (Twitter account) of "Ukrainian Front", the Polish Army has received its first HOMAR-K Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), marking a new era in artillery warfare for the nation. The HOMAR-K, a hybrid adaptation of the South Korean K239 Chunmoo, represents a groundbreaking collaboration in defense technology with the integration of the robust Chunmoo Rocket/missile launcher system onto the chassis of Poland's Jelcz 8x8 truck.

On November 29, 2023, Elbit Systems Ltd., an Israeli defense electronics company, announced a significant contract awarded by the U.S. Department of Defense. The company's U.S. subsidiary, Elbit Systems of America – Night Vision LLC, has secured an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contract with a ceiling of $500 million. This contract is for the supply of Squad Binocular Night Vision Goggle (SBNVG) systems, including spare and repair parts, contractor logistics supports, and test article refurbishment.

A recent series of tests was conducted by the French Army (Section Technique de l’Armée de Terre) on the Cockerill i-X, a land interceptor vehicle. This vehicle, a product of Franco-Belgian collaboration, was put through its paces over five days, undergoing rolling tests and firing sessions. Cockerill made this announcement on November 23, 2023.

The Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers has approved an agreement between the Argentine Army and Impsa for the supply of side skirts as part of the TAM modernization project. The supply of these side skirts is expected to significantly reduce the 'spray' effect caused by dust generated by the running gear.

According to the Liberty Times on November 25, 2023, Taiwan is currently undergoing a significant upgrade of its M60A3 main battle tanks, which have been part of its military inventory for decades. This initiative is part of a broader strategy by Taiwan to enhance its defense capabilities, particularly in light of potential threats from China.

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