Musthane : Helipad, Temporary trackway road, Beach access, Aircraft recovery bags, refueling pumps
Business Area
Musthane develops designs and manufactures solutions and products based on two expertise areas:

• Design to Mobility®:solutions for any emergency situation requiring rapid deployment: Helicopter landing mat, tents, forward area refueling equipment, temporary access road...

• Design to Flexibility®: solutions based on flexible and resilient structures: flexible tanks, inflatable jacks, pneumatic pipe plugs, lifting bags...
Musthane Contact
53 rue de la République
59780 Willems, France
Phone: + 33 (0)3 28 37 00 40
Fax: + 33 (0)3 28 37 00 49
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Mustmove range Trackways Mats Beach Access and Helipads
Temporary Access Road Mats and Roadways  Beach Access Solutions  Mobile Landing Zones and Helipads
Mustmove® is the brand of Musthane dedicated to tactical mobility equipment. This brand is at the heart of our Design to Mobility® by addressing exclusively peace keeping or humanitarian operations. The base products for the tactical mobility offered by Musthane are portable track-ways and shelter: you can access quite everywhere thanks to our equipment and you will have a shelter to operate professionally.
Technical Data Sheet, specifications, description, information, pictures.
Muststore range Refuellers, Flexible Tanks and Fuel Bladders
Refuellers for aircraft and helicopters Flexible Tanks and Fuel Bladders for Military
Muststore® is the Musthane trademark that offers many fluid storage and supply options. Most often used solutions are those that concern water (drinking or waste water), effluents and fuels. Muststore® will enable you to access a fully integrated solution that meets your supply and storage requirements. All these solutions take into account operating mobility and agility requirements.
Technical Data Sheet, specifications, description, information, pictures.
Mustlift range Aircraft Recovery Equipment and Lifting Bags
Aircraft Recovery Equipment, Lifting Bags, Debogging Kits, Dolly, Sledge & Trailer Musthane Mustlift
Mustlift® is Musthane's trademark designed to offer solutions for hoisting heavy loads to customers. We use, in particular, technical textiles transformed into watertight structures to be able to lift commercial or military aircrafts whatever the type (A380, B777, C130, B747; FOKKER) in extraordinary circumstances (e.g. an A380 airbus whose « nose » went off the landing runway and remained stuck in the mud)
Technical Data Sheet, specifications, description, information, pictures.

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