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Russia’s UralVagonZavod machine-building company within the Russian State Corporation Rostec presented over 20 life-size pieces of military hardware at the Army-2018. These new developments have already proven themselves as good combat vehicles and equipment, Rostec said.

The Russian Defense Ministry and the Shipunov Design Bureau have signed a contract for delivering 190 BMD-4M airborne infantry fighting vehicles and Rakushka APCs to the Russian Airborne Troops in 2018-2020. A total of 132 airborne infantry fighting vehicles BMD-4M and 58 BTR-MDM Rakushka armored personnel carriers will be delivered before 2020. The Shipunov will also repair 67 BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles in 2019-2020.

The Army-2018 forum has featured military products from Germany and France, the Russian Defense Ministry said. "Over 40 companies and industrial enterprise from 15 countries have participated in the international Army-2018 military-technical forum and the National Security Week held on August 21-26 in the Patriot exhibition center. The forum has feature military products from the UK, Vietnam, Germany, Romania, France and South Africa," it said.

Russian defense Company Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) research-and-manufacturing corporation (a subsidiary of ROSTEC Russian State Corporation for Assistance to Development, Production and Export of Advanced Technology Industrial Product) showcases its new B10M2S tracked armored bulldozer at Army-2018 International Military Technical Forum in the Patriotic Park Expo, Moscow Region, Russia.

Russian Company Kronshtadt Group showcases the Orion-E unmanned aerial vehicle MALE (Medium Altitude Long-Endurance) designed for air reconnaissance at the Army-2018 International Military-Technical Forum. The Orion-E seems very similar to the American-made Predator and could be armed according to our first analysis.

At the ROSTEC pavilion during Army-2018 International Military Technical Forum, a unique camouflage coating is presented for military vehicles and soldiers' equipment able to mimic the color of the environment. The company illustrated the possibilities of the material with a soldier's helmet made for the advanced, third generation equipment Ratnik. 

The Russian Defense Company Uralvagonzavod, a subdivision of ROSTEC State Corporation for Assistance to Development, Production and Export of Advanced Technology Industrial Product unveils a new upgraded version of the BMP-1 IFV tracked Infantry Fighting vehicle fitted with a BTR-82A turret under the name of BMP-1AM during the live firing demonstration at Army-2018, the International Military Technical Forum in Moscow Region, Russia.

Army-2018, the Military Technical Forum that takes place in the Patriotic Park Expo in the Moscow Region, it's also an International Defense Exhibition with more than 80 foreign companies from 14 countries from all over the world including Armenia, China, Kazakhstan, Germany, France, Belarus, Turkey and more.

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