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Simthetiq Real-time 3D virtual military models and environments
3D army military vehicle models environment program Simtthetiq application system graphics development armoured aircraft helicopter equipment defence Company Canada Canadian
Simthetiq Inc. is a graphics development company founded in 2005. Our main office is located in Montreal, Canada. Simthetiq is dedicated to the creation of high-quality, real-time 3D models and environments that increase realism of serious games, computer-based simulations, and virtual worlds.
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Cambli Group Armored Truck Manufacturer
Cambli Group manufacturer tactical armoured trucks designer Company North America Canada Canadian defense security industry
Cambli Group is a family-owned business that has been involved in the design and manufacturing of armored trucks for more than 50 years. With 2 manufacturing facilities, Cambli Group is also the largest armored truck manufacturer in North America.

The Soucy Group is a Canadian privately own corporation, established for more than 50 years has more than 1,700 employees over 12 subsidiaries located in North America and Asia. Soucy Group is specialized in the design, development, and manufacturing a variety of components and parts for leading manufacturers of power sport, industrial, agricultural and defense vehicles around the world. For defense application, Soucy provides Composite Rubber Tracks (CRT) and associated systems to OEM’s and different armies.