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At IDEF 2019, the Turkish Company OTOKAR, a global leader in the manufacturing of armored vehicles unveils the medical evacuation armored based on the Cobra II 4x4 armored vehicle. Designed according to evolving needs and the demands of the existing users base spread over five continents, COBRA II has the same mobility with COBRA, but features a higher carrying capacity and a higher internal volume for various roles.

Turkish Compay FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş. and Indonesian Company PT Pindad have signed a Long-Term Cooperation Agreement for the Serial Production of the KAPLAN MT Medium-Weight Class Tank, dubbed HARIMAU in Indonesia, on April 30, at IDEF 2019, the International Defence Industry Fair that was held in Istanbul, Turkey from April 30 to May 3, 2019.

Turkish Company Yeteknoloji unveils its project of Electromagnetic Rail Gun technology dubbed SAHI 209 during IDEF 2019, the International Defense Exhibition in Turkey. Yeteknoloji A.Ş. which was started to find national solutions and original designs on Electromagnetic Rail Gun Technology works on electromagnetic rail gun, electromagnetic catapult and high technology systems.

Designed to counter lightest, smallest and the least detectable air platforms within Air Defence domain, IHTAR keeps users safe against the most devious threats coming “out of the blue”. Being in the market for a relatively short period, IHTAR proves itself to be a perfect fit for evolving drone threats in a wide range of use concepts. IDEF 2019 marks a further step for IHTAR as it will leave its footprints on counter-UAS market with additional capabilities coming in 2019 and 2020.

FNSS is displaying for the first time at IDEF’19 its new Remote-Controlled Weapon System (RCWS), which stands out in its class with distinctive technical specifications and ballistic protection. The qualification phase of the RCWS was completed in December 2018, and serial production was launched soon afterwards. The first customer of the system will be a foreign user.

The Turkish Company Aselsan has developed the MUAS (Mini Unmanned Aerial System), a fixed-wing unmanned aerial systems especially designed to perform of reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence operations to safeguard infrastructure, borders, bases and natural resources with its flexible Mini Gimbal camera, covering distances in a very short time thanks to its high speed.

The Turkish Company Otokar, a global leader in the manufacturing of tracked and wheeled armored vehicles of Turkey and a Koç Group company, is showcasing its own design and latest generation of military vehicles and turret systems at IDEF 2019, the 14th International Defence Industry Fair that takes place in Istanbul, Turkey. At IDEF, OTOKAR unveils new products including theTULPAR Medium Tank, the AKREP IIe, the first Turkish electric armored vehicle, the COBRA II in Medical Evacuation variant and URAL SOV 4x4 Special Operations Vehicle.

Leonardo’s solutions for security, aerospace and defence are hosted at 2019 IDEF international exhibition in Istanbul (Hall 3 Stand 313A), starting from April 30 until May 3. This is also the occasion for the company to announce the recently re-branding of its local subsidiary in Leonardo Turkey Havacılık, Savunma ve Güvenlik Sistemleri A.Ş. (Leonardo Turkey Aviation, Defence and Security Systems Inc.)

World premiere at IDEF 2019, the Defense Exhibition in Istanbul, for the MAV Marine Assault Vehicle dubbed ZAHA designed and developed by the Turkish Company FNSS. This a new generation of tracked amphibious armored vehicle which has been greatly anticipated by the sector due to a limited number of comparable vehicles in the same class, principally because of the challenging requirements and highly specialized mission definition associated with these vehicles.

Developed by FNSS to meet the stringent requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces, the KAPLAN ANTI-TANK is being showcased at IDEF’19 with a prototype that is on the verge of completing its qualification process. The vehicle has been developed specifically for an anti-tank role, and has successfully completed firing tests performed using KORNET and OMTAS missiles launched from the FNSS’ Anti-Tank Remote Controlled Turret (ARCT).

With its exports to 65 countries, its advanced technology dedicated to the welfare of societies and people, and its wide-ranging product line from renewable energy systems to communication systems; ASELSAN will demonstrate once again its willingness to fulfil the needs of nations for protection of people and our planet. ASELSAN will also launch its brand new products in IDEF while featuring its technologies, products, and solutions.

Turkish Company FNSS showcases the latest prototype of its PARS 4x4 anti-tank armored vehicle at IDEF 2019, which has been developed by FNSS in line with the requirements of Turkish Land Forces Command, is poised to set new standards in the market, equipped with features not found in any other vehicles in its class. The prototype vehicle is currently at the final stage of the qualification process.

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