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A Lyon-based industrial SME created in 2003, OUVRY specializes in the creation, engineering, production, and maintenance of CBRN personal body and respiratory protection systems, and decontamination. It thus offers innovative products intended for all intervention operators: soldiers or policemen, firefighters or rescue operators, first responders in the armed forces, public or civil security forces, health, industry, infrastructure, and public transport sites.

Ouvry designs and manufactures its products with a local and European supply chain: more than 180,000 coveralls manufactured for the ministries of interior, defense, and health in more than 45 countries. An international SME, the company is established in the United Arab Emirates and has opened a subsidiary in Belgium.

The company is referenced to the NSPA and according to NATO standards (FAUV9) and regularly participates in European Union programs as well as those of the European Defense Agency.
Ouvry presents the entire industrial architecture of a textile company located on the same site, with an international team. By having established its headquarters and its key functions as close as possible to some of its workshops in Lyon, Ouvry affirms its attachment to the industrial values of innovation, quality, technicality, and professionalism.

Injecting more than 7% of its annual turnover into Research and Development, innovation is at the heart of the company's strategy. Leader of the latest generation solutions, each product is developed in close partnership with future users so that it corresponds as closely as possible to operational realities.

The company has a constant and resolute CSR commitment: corresponding to the ISO 9001 standard, Ouvry has an efficient quality management system. In addition, the company is always committed to breaking away from the throwaway culture, with most of its equipment being reusable and eco-designed, in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard.
Ouvry works in a vast ecosystem of professional associations. Among other things, she is an active member of the EDEN Cluster, GICAT, Cercle de l’Arbalète, Pôle Safe and Nuclear Valley

Business Area

CBRN Protection
Ouvry offers a range of equipment dedicated to the safety of professionals in high-risk environments. Their catalog includes CBRN masks, protective suits, chemical-resistant gloves, and advanced filtration systems, essential for respiratory and bodily protection. Additionally, Ouvry provides solutions for the secure transport and evacuation of contaminated victims, featuring special evacuation bags and combat gear suitable for field operations. These products are designed for armed forces, first responders, and healthcare professionals, ensuring comprehensive protection in the most demanding situations.
Ouvry positions itself in the decontamination sector with innovative and practical solutions. Their offering focuses on emergency products designed to respond quickly and effectively to incidents involving hazardous substances. Among these products is the DECPOL ABS® wipe, an emergency decontamination solution that can be used in the field to neutralize a wide range of toxic substances. Additionally, the DECPOL RAD® wipe is specifically designed for radiological decontamination, providing an immediate response in the event of radioactive contamination. These two products reflect Ouvry's expertise in creating decontamination equipment tailored to the needs of professionals facing extreme CBRN situations.
Ouvry also stands out in the field of detection with products specifically designed to identify the presence of dangerous substances. Their range includes detector papers and essential tools for the rapid and effective detection of chemical agents in field situations. Moreover, Ouvry offers peroxide paper, a specific indicator for detecting organic peroxide compounds, which are often precursors or components of improvised explosives. These detection products are vital for security operations, enabling armed forces, demining teams, and civil security services to respond promptly to potential threats.
Ouvry offers a range of essential services and training for professionals facing CBRN hazards, ensuring both education and maintenance of protective equipment. Their services include mask leak testing, comprehensive training on CBRN risks, and practical sessions with instructional equipment like SIM KIT®. Maintenance of CBRN equipment is also a priority, with services ranging from the repair of damaged masks to the periodic requalification of respiratory protection devices. These services ensure that armed forces, first responders, and healthcare professionals have reliable equipment and up-to-date knowledge to operate safely in high-risk environments.

Company Details

The French company OUVRY specializes in the study, research, development and manufacturing of CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear) personal protective equipment (PPE) and related concepts. OUVRY can offer concepts across the full spectrum of CBRN protection: ranging from impermeable solutions (utilizing impermeable or semi-permeable barrier materials and technologies) to wholly air-permeable solutions (utilizing textile-based activated carbon filtration media and technologies).



24, avenue Joannès Masset
ZA Gorge de Loup Bât 1
69009 Lyon

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- Phone : +33 4 86 11 32 02
- Website : www.ouvry.com/en
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Polycombi is an overall which protects 12 hours against CBRN threats in liquid, vapour and aerosol forms. It is a protective air permeable suit, based on a filtering system with activated carbon spheres. Oil and water repellent are treated outershell. When it is not contaminated, one can reused it until three washing cycles and one year. Available in 5 sizes, in its original bag, the guarantee is 10 years.
- OG05 : CBRN butyle gloves which protect 24 hours, the thickness is no more than 0.5mm, which let the user doing very precise handlings.
- OBoots : CBRN butyle overboots which protect 48 hours, ambidextrous and light the guarantee is up to 10 years.

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