Turkey Wheeled vehicles and armoured Turkish army
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Akrep II a 4X4 Light Armored Vehicle is a Turkish multi-role vehicle produced by Otokar. The electric-drive vehicle was introduced at the IDEF 2019 in Istanbul. The diesel-drive Akrep II was introduced at IDEF 2021.

The ARMA 8x8 is a new generation modular wheeled armored vehicle with superior tactical and technical features. Thanks to the modularity and highly protected armored monocoque hull design, ARMA 8x8 is a multipurpose platform allowing the integration of various types of mission equipment or weapon systems that can meet the current needs of the modern armies in real battlefield and peacemaking operations. The ARMA 8x8 is developed, designed, and manufactured by the Turkish Company Otokar.

The Cobra II is a light 4x4 tactical armored personnel carrier designed and manufactured by the Turkish company Otokar. The vehicle was unveiled in 2013 and is a further development of the existing Cobra armored personnel carrier developed by Otokar and AM General.

Hizir 4x4 Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle is designed and optimized for high performance under extreme operational conditions in rural and urban areas for 9 personnel. The vehicle has a high level of ballistic and mine protection. It is an agile, dynamic, versatile, low maintenance and easy care platform for various configurations such as combat vehicle, command control vehicle, CBRN vehicle, weapon carrier (easy integration of various weapon systems), ambulance vehicle, border security vehicle, reconnaissance vehicle.

The Kirpi is a 4x4 armored vehicle in the category of MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) that was designed and developed by the Turkish company BMC. The vehicle was unveiled for the first time to the public in 2010 during the Defense Exhibition in Paris, France, Eurosatory. The Kirpi is now in service in the Turkish army and in other African and Middle Eastern nations.

The OTTER Rapid Deployable Amphibious Wet Gap Crossing System is an amphibious bridge and ferry system designed for rapid and safe wide-wet gap crossing operations.  With its diesel engine, automatic transmission, pneumatic suspension and hydraulic brake system, the OTTER can climb up to 60% gradient and move on 30% side slopes.

The PARS 4X4 has been designed to undertake special operational roles such as advanced surveillance, antitank, command and control, low silhouette, and amphibious capabilities. The vehicle with its crew of 4 can operate in deep and fast-flowing water without any preliminary preparation.