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For more than 30 years WELP Armouring has successfully realized projects for the automotive industry and is one of the leading developer and producer in the field of armoured vehicles. Developed on the basis of the highest automotive production standards, WELP Armouring offers and armours vehicles up to the highest ballistic levels. Our certified portfolio of armoured vehicles includes SUVs, pickups, vans and commercial vehicles for any mission in any environment around the world.
Whether it is a single customized vehicle or an exclusive lot by German car manufacturers: Our armouring production uses certified high-quality ballistic materials and is monitored by an efficient quality management. WELP armoured vehicles are tested and certified by the German "Beschussamt" (German shelling testing agency) under the hardest circumstances. Our vehicles offer a safe and reliable driving dynamics package, which was tested by the German TÜV Nord. Thanks to their advanced equipment, our vehicles are able to withstand the most extreme climate and street conditions - allowing for deployments in any part of the world.
Besides our armoured vehicles, we offer different services, such as customer service, technical courses, driver trainings and supply of replacement parts directly into your area of operation. Our customers are aid agencies/aid organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), European authorities and presidents.
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Production plants in Germany
Modern production procedures are the foundation of our manufacturing that creates armoured vehicles of highest quality. Our production area consists of 28.000qm² of work space. Our entire vehicles’ passenger compartments are manufactured according to our bolt-in-armour procedure since the bolted connection of individual pieces is much more material-friendly for the base bodywork compared to ordinary welding. Furthermore this allows the removal of individual components for maintenance purposes. All procedures are done in-house.
At module production, armouring components are manufactured precisely to live up to the standards of the independent German "Beschussamt". Our final assembly department allows customization of the interiors according to your wishes and requirements. We offer individualization of the compartment, seats or entertainment solutions as well as other options for your armoured vehicle.
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Shooting tests by German “Beschussamt”
Successfully certified to VPAM BRV2009 and VPAM ERV2010 requirements - our armouring solutions are developed by our engineers to protect passengers and equipment inside the car from robbery, abduction, assaults and IEDs (so called car bombs). We focus on our innovative 360°-overlap-protection system which protects passengers from various ballistic scenarios. To meet our high quality standards, all vehicles are tested and certified for safety by the independent German ballistic laboratory "Beschussamt". These tests include around 400 gunshots of different calibres, various grenades, mines and one IED (so called car bomb).
Customized vehicles for individual requirements
Individuality, comfort, luxuriousness and safety combined to meet high quality demands. As experts in the manufacturing of customized body work, we offer luxurious vehicle modifications according to your wishes. Your vehicle will become a breath taking personal unicum. All vehicle types can be enlarged, raised and equipped with customized seats, comfort- and entertainment options. WELP Armouring's experienced specialists only use materials of the highest quality and state-of-the-art technology to modify your vehicles.
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WELP Armouring’s in-house shooting range
To be able to carry out comprehensive ballistic testing of material or armoured vehicles, we use our modern state-of-the-art firing range. In this facility we simulate various ballistic and explosive-based threats to ensure materials and production processes during any phase of production are up to the highest standards. With an accredited firing range, we have the ability to test and certify our customers' products.
WELP Armouring’s hot-form technology
Combining efficiency and passive safety in a vehicle solution is a substantial task in automotive engineering. Reducing the vehicle's weight and ensuring optimal safety in a crash often opposes each other. A key approach to accomplish this goal is the use of lightweight components, for example, high-strength and ultra-high-strength sheet materials.

Up to 1.000°C

Among other things, WELP Armouring produces steel components made of specially developed alloy with particular high strength. These alloys prevent projectiles from penetrating bodywork. IndiKar uses press hardening technologies for production. This technology includes heating of raw materials to about 1000 °C and shaping in a press. While shaping, the components cool down and eventually harden.

What advantages does this technology grant?

Compared to shaping process without heat, press hardening grants the following advantages:
• Realization of more complex shapes and optimization of accuarcy and tolerances
• Optimization of sheet metal strength and weight
• Lower strain on components
• Lower shaping forces due to better shaping ratios
• Lower shaping stages in tools
• Dense concentration, partially without further steps
Worldwide after-sales-service at any place and any time
To ensure that your armoured vehicle is operating flawlessly at any time, we offer a variety of courses on care and maintenance of your vehicle. Moreover, our experts will teach you everything about the correct handling of your armoured vehicle in our specialized driver training. Furthermore, we offer an extensive and rapid delivery of high-quality replacement parts and armouring components into your area of operation.
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WELP Armouring powered by Farmingtons Automotive GmbH

Beekebreite 18-20
49124 Georgsmarienhütte

Tel.: +49 (0) 5401 490 555

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Range of products summary
F6-GMC 900
Welp Armouring F6 GMC900 126
Base vehicle: GMC Yukon XL Denali
Ballistic Level: VPAM VR9/BRV2009
The F6-GMC900 provides certified ballistic protection to the highest level. The F6-GMC900 is extremlylarge-scale and robust offering lots of space for cargo or transportation of passengers.
F6-CEC 900
Welp Armouring F6 CEC900 126
Base vehicle: Cadillac Escalade
Ballistic Level: VPAM VR9/BRV2009
The F6-CEC900 provides certified ballistic protection to the highest level. The F6-CEC900 further impresses with its luxury interiors and highly premium features making it the ideal vehicle for VIP transports.
F6-CSC 900
Welp Armouring F6 CSC900 126
Base vehicle: Chevrolet Suburban
Ballistic Level: VPAM VR9/BRV2009
The F6-CSC900 provides certified ballistic protection to the highest level. The F6-CSC900 is extremely large-scale and versatile. Its versatility makes it a perfect commercial utility vehicle for military or police applications.
Armoured Ambulance
WELP Armouring Ambulance vehicles
Base vehicle: Ambulance vehicles
Ballistic Level: VPAM VR4 to VR9 / BRV2009
The F7-TLC700 vehicle provides certified ballistic and blast protection. Ride/handling and braking as well as production level interior fit. The SUV is characterised by its robust construction, proven technology and ease of servicing.
F7-TLC 700
Welp Armouring F7 TLC700 126
Base vehicle: Toyota Land Cruiser 76 LX
Ballistic Level: VPAM VR7/BRV2009
The F7-TLC700 vehicle provides certified ballistic and blast protection. Ride/handling and braking as well as production level interior fit. The SUV is characterised by its robust construction, proven technology and ease of servicing.
F8-TLC 700
WELP Armouring F8 TLC700 126
Base vehicle: Toyota Land Cruiser 78
Ballistic Level: VPAM VR7/BRV2009

The F8-TLC700 provides certified ballistic as well as blast protection and is characterised by a reliable handling and braking performance. Its robust construction, the use of proven technology and the simple servicing make the F8-TLC700 a perfect companion.
F2-TLC700 & F2-TLC900
WELP Armouring F2 TLC700F2 TLC900
Base vehicle: Toyota Land Cruiser 200 / Toyota Land Cruiser V8
Ballistic Level: VPAM VR7/BRV2009 & VR9/BRV2009

The F2-TLC vehicle provides certified ballistic and blast protection, ride and handling and braking with production level interior fit and finish. The protective cell is installed using a unique modular bolt in construction system which aids in repair and serviceability. All of our armoured steel parts are corrosion protected by cataphoretic paint.
F2-LXC700 & F2-LXC900
WELP Armouring F2 LXC700 F2 LXC900 126
Base vehicle: Lexus LX570
Ballistic Level: VPAM VR7/BRV2009 & VR9/BRV2009

As a passenger in an F2-LXC you have all the features of a luxury SUV with the security of a discrete protective armoured cell and supporting security features and systems.
WELP Armouring F62 NPC700 126
Base vehicle: Nissan Patrol Y62
Ballistic Level: VPAM VR7/BRV2009
The F62-NPC700 convinces through its sophisticated interior design, dynamic driving performance, and protection against explosions and gunshots of various calibers.
The armour of the modular constructed passenger cabin is entirely mounted by bolt-in kits. The built-in armouring steel is refined by an industrial coating process, which permanently protects it against corrosion.
WELP Armouring F9 TLC Toyota Land Cruiser 126
Base Vehicle: Toyota Land Cruiser 79
Ballistic Level: VPAM VR7/BRV2009

The F9 TLC700 is an armoured Pick Up Double Cab: The vehicle has room for up to 6 people and offers plenty of space due to the large cargo area for additional charge.
The F9 TLC700 offers excellent ballistic protection as well as protection against explosions. Its reliable handling, excellent braking performance and a particularly robust motor make the F9 TLC700 the ideal protection vehicle.
WELP Armouring F MSC Mercedes Sprinter 126
Base vehicle: Mercedes Benz Sprinter
Ballistic Level: VPAM VR4 - VR7/BRV2009

Within the F-MSC700, the first transportation vehicle developed and produced according to the high quality standards of WELP Armouring comes onto the market.
The vehicle based on a Mercedes Sprinter is armoured according to protection class VPAM VR4 - VR7/BRV2009. A comprehensive option program makes the F-MSC700 a real all-rounder if people or goods must be transported securely
Armoured commercial trucks
WELP Armouring armoured truck 126
On request, Welp Armouring can customize armoured commercial vehicles for passenger transportation, conveyance of goods and/or valuables.
Special armouring is installed to counter weapons or explosives attacks to match the type and place of use of the vehicle.
Exactly which areas of the vehicle are armoured depends on the type and nature of its deployment. For example, it is possible only to armour the passenger compartment or the entire passenger and payload areas.