Israeli Missile systems and vehicles of Israel
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Arrow 2 anti-ballistic air defense missile system
Arrow 2 anti-ballistic air defense missile system Israel Israeli army defense forces military equipment 640 001
The Arrow 2 is a short and medium range anti-ballistic air defense system developed jointhly by IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) and United States. The United States and Israel signed a memorandum of understanding as part of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) to co-develop and co-fund the Arrow program on May 6, 1986.

The Arrow 3 is the latest development of Arrow anti-ballistic missile jointly developed by Israel and the United States. An Arrow 3 battery is expected to intercept salvos of more than five ballistic missiles within 30 seconds. The Arrow 3 can be launched into an area of space before it is known where the target missile is going. The Arrow 3 is an upgraded variant of the Arrow 2 weapon system in service with the Israeli Defence Forces.

The David's Sling, also known as the Magic Wand, is an Israeli medium-to-long range air defense missile system designed to intercept and destroy a variety of aerial threats, including ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and large-caliber rockets. The system is jointly developed by the Israeli state-owned defense contractor Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and the American defense company Raytheon. It is designed to intercept ballistic and cruise missiles at ranges of 40 to 300 km.

ELM-2084 S-Band MMR Multi-Mission Radar
ELM-2084 S-Band MMR Multi-Mission Warning and fire control Radar Israel Israeli army defense industry 640 001
The ELM-2084 or EL/M-2084 designed and manufactured by IAI (Israel Aerospace Indusrtries) ELTA is an advanced three-dimensional, S-Band radar, incorporating modular and scalable architecture. It is used with the SPYDER-MR, Iron Dome, Arrow 3 and David's Sling air defense systems.

Golden Citron Fire Control Center Arrow anti-ballistic missile system
Golden Citron FCC Fire Control Center Arrow anti-ballistic air defense missile system Israel Israeli army defence force 640 001
The "Golden Citron" is Battle Management Command, Control, Communication, Intelligence Center, Fire control Center (FCC) for the Arrow 2 air defense missile system. It is developed and produced by the MLM Division of IAI. Tadiran Electronics Limited is the prime contractor for the Citron Tree battle management / fire control centre.

Green Pine ELM-2080 ELM-2080S Fire Control Radar FCR Arrow missile
Green Pine ELM-2080 fire control radar Arrow anti-ballistic missile system Israel Israeli army defence force 640 001 The Green Pine Radar Systems, ELM-2080 and ELM-2080S, are a family of transportable, ground-based active electronically scanned array (AESA) solid state radar systems, designed to autonomously detect and simultaneously track dozens of Tactical Ballistic Missiles (TBMs) from long ranges, under all weather conditions and in the presence of undesired signals.

The Spike is a family of 4th generation Multi-Purpose Precision Guided Missile System that was developed by the Israeli Company Rafael, under a contract for the Israeli Ministry of Defence. Rafael has signed a co-operation agreement with STN Atlas Elektronik, Diehl and Rheinmetall DeTec AG from Germany, to create a consortium, known as EuroSpike, to manufacture market and maintain the Spike-MR for the European market.