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According to information published on October 29, 2021, the Finnish-Latvian joint 6x6 vehicle program proceeds on schedule as Patria delivered the first Patria 6x6 armored wheeled vehicles to Latvia. This first vehicle handover of the whole joint program is a remarkable milestone for all participants.

A plant to produce Kalashnikov AK-103 assault rifles is planned to start working in Venezuela by the end of 2022, CEO of Russia’s Rosoboronexport state arms seller Alexander Mikheyev told TASS in the run-up to the SITDEF 2021 international defense technology show in Peru: “There are plans to complete the construction and commission the plant by the end of 2022 if nothing beyond our control happens”.

The Ataka-Shorokh acoustic reconnaissance module, created by specialists of our subsidiary holding Ruselectronics, has successfully passed the factory acceptance tests. The equipment conforms to the declared technical characteristics: in particular, to the ability to detect drones flying in radio silence by sound at a distance.

As reported by Taiwan News on October 28, for the second time in three months, Taiwan signed a contract with the U.S. aimed at improving the efficacity of its Patriot PAC-3 missiles. The new NT$991.65-million (US$35.63-million) deal concluded by the Air Force followed a contract on Aug. 31 valued at NT$1.41 billion, for a total of NT$2.44 billion, the Liberty Times reported.

According to Ukrinform, Lviv Armored Fighting Vehicle Plant SE, which is a part of the Ukroboronprom defense giant, has restored more than ten BTS-4 armored medium hauling vehicles (in fact, ARV-Armored Recovery Vehicles), improving their tactical and technical features as per the defense ministry's order. The first batch of repaired vehicles has already been handed to Ukrainian troops, while the second consignment is pending shipment, Ukroroboronprom's press service reports.

According to a tweet from Damian Ratka, the first Polish soldiers just went to the US, in Idaho, to be trained in the use of the M1A2 SEPv3 Abrams main battle tanks. These men are future instructors who will later train tank crews in Poland. Let us notice that, once the Abrams is inducted, Poland will then operate four – if not five! - different models of main Battle tank.

The Polish Armed Forces Innovation Forum 2021 was held on October 26 at the Military University of Technology. It covered threads of innovation for the Polish Armed Forces, the European Defense Fund as an opportunity for the Polish defense sector and the use of space and satellite technologies for defense and security. The meeting was organized by the Ministry of National Defense, the National Center for Research and Development and the Military University of Technology.

On October 27, India tested a ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead up to 5,000 kilometers (3,100 miles), the Indian Defense Ministry said, in what media called a “stern signal” to China as the two remain locked in a border spat. As reported by The Defense Post, the missile blasted off from Abdul Kalam Island, off India’s east coast, and splashed into the Bay of Bengal.

A brigade set of S-500 Prometheus air defense missile launchers has been supplied to the 1st special designation army of the Russian Aerospace Forces that defend Moscow and the Central industrial region, a source close to the Defense Ministry told TASS. The area has been defended by S-400 Triumf (NATO reporting name: SA-21 Growler) and A-135 missile defense, TASS military writer Dmitry Litovkin said. S-500 complements them. The Defense Ministry said on July 20, 2021, that S-500 had completed test launches at a ballistic speed target at Kapustin Yar range. The trials confirmed the declared characteristics and high reliability of the hardware.

A tweet posted by Kunal Biswas on October 26 shows a model of Rafael’s Trophy APS (Active Protection System) adapted to an Indian army T-90S Bhishma main battle tank. Some 3,000 tanks and other armored vehicles might be fitted with this APS following a major decision taken during a (Defense Acquisition Council) DAC meeting held in February 2021.

Slovakia’s program for the renewal of its infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) fleet is following on the heels of similar programs in neighboring countries: the Czech Republic and Hungary. As armed forces in Central Europe replace outdated Soviet-era equipment, acquisition programs are unique opportunities to meet the demands of modern and future battlefields as well as economic requirements.

The Marker robotic system will be taught to operate in the friend-or-foe identification mode, the press office of Android Technics company told TASS. “Before starting to identify intruders, it is necessary to digitalize all personnel and employees, enter them into the database and teach the robot to work in the friend-or-foe identification mode,” the press office said.

According to Matt Yu and Joseph Yeh on Focus Taiwan, on October 26, the Taiwanese army has unveiled its use of powered exoskeleton suits. The National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCIST) has run tests on a total of 105 soldiers to make sure the suit fits the regular height and weight of Taiwanese, with minor adjustments based on each wearer's body size that can be made case by case.

According to a tweet posted by Defense Arab on October 24, French company Nexter Systems has been requested by Saudi Arabia to present a quotation for an impressive amount of artillery systems and military vehicles: 118 towed 105LG 105mm howitzers, 147 CAESAR 6x6 155mm self-propelled howitzers, 112 CAESAR 8x8 155mm armored self-propelled howitzers, and 153 TITUS armored vehicles.

As reported by JesusRoman in a tweet posted on October 24, the Institute Defense Technology of the Royal Thai Army supplied the artillery with an upgraded version of the 20-tube 122mm DTI-2 MLRS based on the Chinese-made Type 85 /YW306 from Norinco. In 2012, Thailand ordered 4 MLRS from China and received them in 2013. Firing tests were carried on by the Defense Technology Institute (DTI) since 2020.

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