Sentinel IAG Armored Tactical Response Vehicle
The IAG Sentinel is a 50-state emission compliant Armored Tactical Response Vehicle (TRV), designed primarily for use by Police, SWAT, SRT and law enforcement agencies throughout North America. Based on the heavy duty Ford F550 chassis some of the Sentinel highlights include:

• .50 cal/CEN B7 / NIJ IV full vehicle protection (with add-on armor)
• High hardened military spec ballistic steel monocoque body with laminated ballistic glass offering the same level or protection as the armored hull
• Five (5) access points – 4 side doors and 1 rear
• Configurable interior with 2 + 8 seating (driver, front passenger and 8 rear)
• 360 degree IR/thermal surveillance system
• Remote-controlled spot lights
• Bespoke off-road suspension system, including big body coilover shocks with custom mounts, heavy duty front coil/rear leaf springs, front and rear sway bars, rubber springs and reinforced axles
• Military-spec steel wheels and tires with run-flat inserts and internal bead lock system
- Sentinel TRV capable of seating 10 personnel and Sentinel XL TRV capable of seating up to 14 personnel
Technical Data
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Various gun mounts available, spring loaded gun ports, rotational turret
Design and protection
The Sentinel TRV has been specifically designed by IAG to meet the needs of the modern day SWAT and Special Response Teams (SRT). Design features have been derived based on feedback from various SWAT teams and police departments. Offering protection against .50cal rounds and 7.62x51mm AP rounds including the glass, the Sentinel is the only vehicle on the market that is rated to stop multiple AP hits. The easily removable add-on armor allows to minimize the vehicle weight when needed and for easy repair in case of a hit. Seating configurations can be customizable, however the standard configuration includes driver and commander in the front, two individual bucket seats behind and two bench row seats for a crew of 6. All seats are equipped with 4-point harnesses. The extended version, the Sentinel XL, offers seating for a crew of 14. The heavy duty adaptive suspension has been specifically designed and tuned for the Sentinel weight distribution, center of gravity and GVWR. The shocks with external oil reservoirs allow the user to control the compression and rebound and adjust the ride based on the terrain. The high vehicle ground clearance enables the Sentinel to traverse easily over any terrain and also be used in disaster relief efforts to access victims or remove obstacles.
The lightweight design offers an enhanced off-road capability and handling. The IAG Sentinel Tactical Response Vehicle is available in 4x4 wheel drive and can be motorized by even by a 6.7L V8 Diesel (300hp/660lb-ft) or by a 6.8L V10 Petrol (352hp/457lb-ft). Installed at the front of the vehicle, those engines can be coupled either to a 5-speed automatic or to a 6-speed automatic transmission. Vehicle components such as the suspension and braking systems are designed and tuned to enhance off-road capabilities even at full load. The high capacity wheel and tire assembly also features a built-in run-flat and bead lock system.
360° rotational turret, fire suppression system, tactical wheels and tires, electric winch, police lights package, breaching ram with gas insertion system, LRAD, SCBA, Multi gas and radiation detection equipment, communication systems, 360° video surveillance package with IR and thermal imaging capability. Contact manufacturer for more info.
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Spring loaded gun ports, optional rotational turret with ballistic view glasses
Country User
North America, South America, Europe
Designer Company
International Armored Group
360° rotational turret, fire suppression system, electric winch, police lights, breaching ram with gas insertion system, LRAD, SCBA, Multi gas and radiation detection, communication systems, 360° video surveillance package with IR and thermal imaging capability
2 + 8 (2 + 12 for XL)
CEN B6 , B6+/NIJ (7,62 x 51mm protection) / B7/NIJ (.50 cal) capable with add-on armor

800 km


Length: 6225mm; Width: 2890mm; Height: 2410mm
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Sentinel IAG Armored Tactical Response Vehicle
Sentinel IAG Armored Tactical Response Vehicle
Sentinel IAG Armored Tactical Response Vehicle
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