AirShow China 2018: Jonyang JY905-S mine clearance robot vehicle

China`s automotive manufacturer Jonyang has developed JY905-S robotized mine clearance vehicle (MCV) that seems to be a copy or derivative of the Russian-made Uran-6 unmanned MCV. The new Chinese system was unveiled at the Airshow China 2018 international defense exhibition held in Zhuhai (the People`s Republic of China) on November 6-11.

Jonyang JY905 S mine clearance robot vehicle unveiled at AirShow China 2018 Zhuhai 925 001
Chinese-made JY905-S robotized mine clearance vehicle from the Company Jonyang at AirShow China 2018, Zhuhai. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The design and layout of the JY905-S dramatically resemble those of the Uran-6. According to Jonyang, the Chinese MCV is 5,500 mm long, 2,400 mm wide and 1,815 mm high and weighs 5,800 kg. The vehicle is powered by a 149-hp diesel powerplant, producing a road speed of 3-5.6 km/h and a minesweeping speed of 1.3 km/h. The baseline JY905-S is fitted with a 1,700 mm-wide mine flail that has a mine clearance rate of 2 sq km per hour. "The MCV can be remotely controlled at a distance between 2 and 5 km. The JY905-S is operated at a temperature between -20C° and +46C°," a source from Jonyang told TASS at the Airshow China 2018.

The Chinese MCV`s engineering suite comprises a U-type dozer blade, mine flail, rolling minesweeper and spade-dozer. "The JY905-S vehicle has been certified by the engineering troops of the People`s Liberation Army [PLA]," said the source from Jonyang. According to him, the first ground robots will be delivered to the PLA in 2019.

The JY905-S could be compared with its Russian-made analogue, the Uran-6. The Uran-6 robotized MCV is 4,565 mm long, 2,015 mm wide and 1,470 mm high and weighs 6,000 kg. The vehicle is powered by a more powerful 240-hp engine, producing a maximum speed of 5 km/h. An operator can remotely control the Uran-6 at a distance of more than 800 m via radio datalink. "The MCV clears more than 95% landmines and can sweep mines at a speed of 0.5-5 km/h. The vehicle has a continuous working time of no less than five hours," a source from JSC 766 UPTK, the manufacturer of the Uran-6, told TASS. The Russian-made MCV is complemented by five interchangeable minesweeping subsystems, including a roller, U-dozer blade, mechanical gripper and scorpion exploder.

Jonyang JY905 S mine clearance robot vehicle unveiled at AirShow China 2018 Zhuhai 925 002

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