Russian Defense minister sums up Caucasus 2020 exercise

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu summed up the results of Caucasus-2020 strategic command-staff exercise in the National Defense Command Center. The minister said the exercise engaged a total of 79,500 men and up to 280 tanks, 450 infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, 200 artillery guns and multiple launch rocket systems.
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TOS-2 MLRS/flame thrower (Picture source: Vitaly Kuzmin)

The Defense Ministy said “Shoigu stressed that Caucasus-2020 trained new techniques of inter-arm actions of troops in a complicated situation of a modern armed conflict. Specific attention was paid to the engagement of precision weapons, reconnaissance means and electronic warfare, automatic control of troops and arms, and interfacing reconnaissance and information systems,” Defense Minister said. New reconnaissance-strike and reconnaissance-fire forces and automatic controls demonstrated efficiency. An experiment to engage new-type formations in a mobile echelon was successfully accomplished. Joint actions of an air assault brigade and a helicopter brigade increased combat dynamics.

The minister said that modern air defense systems like S-300V4, S-400 Triumf and Buk-M3 Viking succeeded in virtually shooting down the latest fastd targets imitating tactical missiles and aircraft.

Airborne Forces for the first time airdropped ten combat vehicles from airlifters at a time. Engineering units of the Southern Military District disrupted the approach of reinforcements by a two-kilometer long firewall. The army for the first time engaged TOS-2 Tosochka flamethrowers. The troops trained destroying various jihad terrorist means according to the Syrian experience.

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