Matrix UAV introducing new Comandor quadcopter UAS in Ukraine

Matrix UAV, a subsidiay of the Ukrainian state-owned company UkrOboronProm, today introduced a new heavy quadcopter UAV, the Comandor. Showcased for the first time at Arms and Security 2017 in Kiev, the Comandor was designed with combined propulsion system, the company said.

Matrix UAV introducing new Comandor quadcopter UAS in Ukraine 001 
The Comandor quadcopter UAV unveiled by Matrix UAV at Arms and Security 2017 defence fair

Unlike traditional multirotor drones, Comandor has a long flight endurance of at least 1 hour. It flies long distance and can carry up to 50 kg of payload.

The missions performed by the Comandor UAV could be very different and vary from processing of crop fields to the long distance delivery of various payload. The version showcased at Arms and Security is presented with what seems to be a double rocket launcher, probably for light attack missions or fire support.

The Comandor UAV also has the possibility to be used as airborne firefighting platform to fight against wildfires, or for suppression of IEDs or radioactive objects.

This heavy duty platform cand bear and interchange its various onboard monitoring equipment - EO/IR cameras, radars, laser rangefinders, etc. The Comandor can also be used to deliver ammunition, first aid, water and food supply to remote military posts. All these missions can be done in conjunction with Katana/Agri aircraft using spectral maps.

Comandor features a speed flight of up to 15 m/s and a minimum flight altitude of 1 m.