New RSVK-M2 UGV presented by Robotics Design Bureau in Ukraine

At Arms and Security exhibition, held in Kiev from Oct. 10-13, the Ukraine-based company Robotics Design Bureau puts the spotlighting on its advanced RSVK-M2 Unmanned Ground Vehicle.

Robotics Design Bureau UGV 001
Robotics Design Bureau presents its RSVK-M2 UGV at Arms and Security 2017

Created by a group of Ukrainian engineers, Robotics Design Bureau aims at creating and providing innovative projects within the defense industry sector. The company is currently working on sights, weapons, robotic platforms, demining systems, platform for EMI weapons, etc.

Among them is the RSVK-M2 UGV, already tested in combat environment. Robotics' UGV can perform a wide range of missions, such as rescue operations, transport, patrolling, and reconnaissance.

The basic platform has a length of 2 m, a height of 0.7 m, and a width of 1.25 m. Its electric engine gives it a maximum speed of 10 km/h, or up to 30 km/h with an upgrade motorization. The endurance is 15-20 km, depending on the terrain.

The control and video streaming radius is 1,500 m but can be optionally increased to 4 km.

In its combat variant, the RSVK-M2 UGV can be fitted with PKT 7,62 mm machinegun, or an AG-17A AGL, and even anti-tank missiles.

According to Robotics Design Bureau, the system successfully passed several tests in the field and in the ATO zone in Donbass. Starting from January 2017, two UGVs successfully performes combat missions in the ATO zone.