Snipex presents its .50 BMG sniper rifle at Arms & Security 2017

The Snipex .50BMG is presented at Arms and Security 2017 in Kiev, Ukraine. Designed by the Ukrainian small arms maker Snipex, the Snipex .50 BMG is a new semi-automatic sniper rifle for long-range target shooting.

snipex 50 bmg ukraine sniper 925 001

The Snipex .50 BMG Rifle is a semi-automatic large-caliber precision rifle with an effective range of 1000-3000 m.

Its bullpup design was developped for an easy operation and maximally available maintenance system system in mind. The barrel locking is achieved through a rotating bolt. Snipex disposed 13 bolt lugs in three rows which can rotate by 60 degrees, ensuring rigide locking of the barrel. The .50 BMG reloading process is delayed, allowing the bullet to leave the barrel with the breech fully closed. This allows to minimize barrel vibration during shooting.

The barrel is fully open and has eight right grooves with 15-inch twist. The inner surface of the barrel and cartridge chamber are chrome-plated. Its muzzle velocity reaches 860 m/s. The rifle has no handguard, the wooden buttstock is fitted with a cheeck rest and a rubber butt pad. The rifle has a handle for easy carrying and a layer of super strong firearm finish Cerakote is applied on the weapon's outer surface. The gun features a bipod, which guarantees stability and accuracy during shooting. Snipex .50 BMG has a weight of 16 kg.