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New pistol for Russian defense ministry likely to be supplied in 2017
Preliminary tests of a new pistol for the defense ministry have been completed and supplies are likely to begin in 2017, Director General of the Central Research Institute of Precise Machine-building Dmitry Semizorov told TASS.
New pistol for defense ministry likely to be supplied in 2017 640 001
Serdyukov pistol (Photo Vitaly Kuzmin)
"Preliminary tests are over. In autumn government acceptance tests will begin which have to be completed this year. If the defense ministry adopts a corresponding decision serial supplies will begin next year," he said.

Semizorov stressed the main aim of a firearm in the hands of the military is to destroy targets dressed in individual armored protection outfit. "The new gun uses powerful caliber 9x21 cartridge. We experienced it in the Serdyukov pistol. However new technical solutions were designed for the new gun so that it goes into mainstream use and replaces outdated weapons," he said.

Earlier Semizorov told TASS his institute invited industrial designers to upgrade ergonomic characteristics to make the pistol easily extractable from the holster, handy and easily targeted. The materials, firing mechanism and the safety lock have been also upgraded.
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