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John Cockerill LCTS 90MP 90mm Weapon System

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The Cockerill LCTS 90MP Weapon System is a two man turret produced by the Belgian Company John Cockerill Defense (formerly known as CMI Defense). This electrical power-operated turret is armed with the 90 mm Mk 8 gun and a coaxial machine gun. As the world leader in 90 mm guns and turrets, John Cockerill Defense has accumulated incomparable expertise in the field of Assault Guns and has especially designed the Cockerill LCTS 90MP Weapon System to optimize the firepower of the 10 to 20 ton class vehicles. The in-service Cockerill LCTS 90MP turret incorporates a powerful Cockerill 90mm gun with an advanced autoloader, to deliver high lethality at very low weight. Compatible with a wide range of lighter wheeled and tracked vehicles, the Cockerill LCTS 90MP uses an advanced digital, stabilized, day/night weapon control system to deliver highly mobile, highly effective, precision fires, hunter/killer functionality and outstanding combat effectiveness. Its polyvalent capacities enable the LCTS 90MP turret to carry out indirect fire to a range of almost 8 km.

The Cockerill 90MP is the most powerful 90mm gun ever fielded on vehicles in the 10-20 tons gvw class.

Technical Data

The Cockerill LCTS 90MP Weapon System is equipped with the Mk8 90 mm Cockerill gun. The Cockerill Mk8 is a medium pressure 48.5 cal 90mm gun designed for vehicles of the 10 to 20 ton class. Firing high efficiency ammunition, it offers performances very close to the 105mm guns fitted on heavier vehicles. The Cockerill LCTS 90MP Weapon System is a light and compact turret, with low recoil. This turret fits most light armored vehicles available on the market, tracked or wheeled. Thanks to the powerful Cockerill Mk8 90 mm gun, it gives them similar anti-tank capabilities as heavier tanks using 105 mm weapons without penalizing their mobility or transportability.
Production and usage
The Cockerill LCTS 90MP turret system has been produced for four countries. Late in 1996, the Kuwait National Guard ordered 70 Pandur (6 × 6) vehicles from AV Technology International of the United States in six versions, including one armed with the Cockerill LCTS 90MP turret system. Qatar ordered 36 Piranha (8 × 8) vehicles, with final deliveries made in late 1998. Production was undertaken by the now BAE Systems Land Systems of the UK which manufactures the Piranha under license from MOWAG. The third country is Saudi Arabia, with a contract placed in late 1999 for 130 Light Armoured Vehicle-Assault Guns (LAV-AG) being placed with the now General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada on behalf of the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG). In January 2006 Belgium selected the MOWAG Piranha IIIC 8 × 8 to meet its Armoured Infantry Vehicle (AIV requirement). The direct fire variant of the AIV program was fulfilled by the MOWAG Piranha IIIC 8 × 8 mounted with a Cockerill LCTS 90MP turret, 18 turrets have been delivered.
The Cockerill LCTS 90MP is equipped with a stabilised day/night thermal imaging sight and ballistic computer with a video display for the gunner. The commander has a gyro-stabilized panoramic sight with target designation capability (allowing various uses such as armament firing, 360° observation, and automatic realignment to line of fire and target designation to gunner). The Cockerill LCTS 90MP is equipped with a 17 rounds autoloader located in the turret bustle for an easy and fast gun loading. For its self-protection, smoke grenades launchers of 66 mm, 76 mm or 80 mm can be fitted to each side of the turret to create smoke screen or close defence. In option, the Cockerill LCTS 90MP can be equipped with laser warning device who inform the crew in case the vehicle is targeted by a laser. The device may be connected to the grenade launchers in order to automatically launch a smoke screen in the direction of the incoming laser beam.


Main Components Characteristics
- Low weight (high mobility) Two man turret
- Cockerill Mk8 90 mm gun
- Bustle-mounted autoloader
- Ballistic protection: > Basic: Stanag 4569-level 1
> Maximum: Stanag 4569-level 4 (with add-on armor)
-Electro-mechanical gun and turret drive system
- Fully stabilised panoramic day/night commander sight with laser range finder
- Fully stabilised day/night gunner sight with laser range finder
- Full digital architecture
- Ballistic computer for firing on the move and at moving targets
-7,62mm coaxial machine-gun
- Calibre: 90 mm
- Barrel length: 4,365 mm (48.5 cal)
- Nominal pressure: 310 MPa
- Single stage muzzle brake
- Rugged concentric recoil mechanism
- Bore evacuator for gas evacuation
- Progressive rifling (6° to 9°)
- Indirect firing capability: 7,8 km range at 20° elevation
Options Ammunitions
- Laser warning device
- Coaxial machine gun
- Pintle-mounted machine gun 7.62 or 12.7 mm
Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot - Tracer
Training variant of the APFSDS-T
High-Explosive Squash Head - Tracer
Training variant of the HESH-T
Smoke/incendiary round

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