Oshkosh provides Israel with modified FMTV tactical trucks

Oshkosh Defense is delivering a modified version of its 8-tonne 6x6 Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) to the Israeli army, Connie Lee reports in National Defense Magazine.

Oshkosh provides Israel with modified FMTV tactical trucks
FMTV M1085 8-ton truck with armored driving compartment (Picture source: Turbosquid)

The platforms are being provided through a series of contracts. The most recent was an indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract, which was awarded in October 2019 for 589 vehicles with a potential total value of $159 million. Deliveries are slated to start in July 2020 and the estimated completion date is October 2024, with an initial delivery order valued at $25 million for 91 vehicles. The systems will be built in Oshkosh Defense.

The company also received orders for 64 modified vehicles in June 2018 and 100 modified vehicles in May 2017. Platforms from those two contract awards were slated to be delivered by the end of November, Ivy noted.

The company is providing the FMTV 8-Tonne vehicle, which is an M1085 long-wheelbase cargo truck modified to meet specific Israeli road law requirements, he said. Modifications included a 20-foot cargo bed, a metric-compliant dashboard, the ability to carry a 20-foot intermodal container and a tracking system that was added because it is required by Israeli law and the technology is used to store information on how the truck was used and driven. Additionally, the modified truck includes a mobile driver-assist system that provides notification if the driver begins to swerve outside the vehicle’s lane.