Greek Marine Corps to get former USMC AAV-7A1 Assault Amphibious Vehicles

According to a tweet from Leonidas, Greece will acquire 76 AAVP-7A1 Assault Amphibious Vehicles from the USA to equip its Marines brigade and battalions. The Procurement has been approved by the Council of Joint Chiefs of the Hellenic Army General Staff. The batch will include 4 AAVR-7A1 recovery variants and 14 AAVC-7A1 command post variants.
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The AAV-7A1 Amphibious Assault Vehicles purchased for the Greek Marine Corps will come from those currently in service with the US Marine Corps, which means that they will incorporate all the latest improvements made to these vehicles (Picture source: US Marine Corps)

As reported by Savvas D. Vlassis in Torine Horse, on February 21, the Council of Chiefs of General Staff (SAGE) approved the program for the supply of AAV-7A1 Assault Amphibious Vehicles for the equipment of the 32nd Marine Brigade. The program was previously approved, on December 21, 2021, by the Supreme Military Council (SSC) after months of staff processing, had preceded.

Two alternatives for the program were presented: the first concerned the supply of a total of 76 vehicles to equip the three Marine battalions of the 32 TAX PN; the second would be limited to 52 vehicles to equip two Marine battalions. Savvas D. Vlassis assumes that the second option was based on the fact that, according to the New Force Structure, the third is to be differentiated in terms of the degree of manning and readiness.

Each Marine Battalion will be equipped with a total of 24 vehicles, of which 21 of the personnel transport version AAVP-7A1, two AAVC-7A1 command posts, and one AAVR-7A1 recovery vehicle. The remaining four vehicles are intended for the Brigade and specifically, three AAVC-7A1s for the Tactical Headquarters, and one AAVR-7A1 for the Support Battalion (TYP) of the Brigade.

Deliveries should start one year after the expected award of the contract, as by then the preparation of the relevant infrastructure to be created for training, etc. will have preceded.

The vehicles, as analyzed by the Torine Horse, will come from those currently in service with the US Marine Corps (USMC), which means that they will incorporate all the latest improvements made to these vehicles. Prior to delivery, the US proposal stipulates that the vehicles will be subjected to an extensive repair and maintenance program under the responsibility of the USMC. The cost of the program is expected to be around € 150 million.


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