Mozambique army showcases new Marauder APCs during Armed Forces Day

According to Vanguard, some African-designed military materiel developed to specifically address the rugged and austere African environments and threats facing armed forces on the continent have been manufactured by South Africa’s global aerospace and technology company Paramount Group. During the celebrations of Mozambique’s Armed Forces Day on September 25th, four Marauder armored personnel carriers (APCs) pioneered by Paramount Group were prominently displayed.
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Paramount Group Marauder APC of the Mozambican army (Picture source: Vanguard)

The 15-tonne 4x4 Marauder is a uniquely designed armored land system. It can be reconfigured as either a troop carrier or combat vehicle, maintaining excellent cross-country agility while reaching a top speed of 120 km/hr over challenging terrains. Described by BBC’s Top Gear as “The World’s Most Unstoppable Vehicle", it features a double-skinned hull throughout its cabin and crew compartment to protect it against a wide range of kinetic attacks e.g. protecting the crew against AK-47 attacks.

The vehicle can also withstand a side blast (IED or roadside bomb) equivalent to 50kg of explosives, which is critical for the asymmetrical warfare experienced in Northern parts of the country. The Marauder is further equipped with specially designed anti-blast seats, which prevent injury from the extreme acceleration of a side blast or mine blast under the hull.

The Marauder offers outstanding firepower to protect its crew against heavy attacks and can be fitted with a wide range of weapons systems. These particular Marauders are equipped with a Jordanian-made King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) snakehead turret fitted with a 7.62mm machine gun.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news

Paramount Group's Marauder in the Nigerian Air Force configuration, another African user of this vehicle (Picture source: Paramount Group)