French Army DGA receives 200 additional Arquus VT4 liaison vehicles

In a tweet posted on August 31, the French Defense procurement agency (DGA) announced it had received 200 additional VT4 vehicles, bringing the number of vehicles received in 2022 to 900 out of the 1,200 planned, and the total number of VT4s delivered to 3,900. In total, the Military Programming Law 2019-2025 for 4,380 VT4, mainly for the ground force (Armée de Terre).
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Arquus VT 4 (Picture source: Twitter account of the DGA)

Based on the Ford Ranger SUV (heavily modified), the VT4 is a 4x4, non-armored, light and versatile vehicle, designed for command post and liaison missions. It can accommodate 5 soldiers or 4 FELIN system-equipped operators. With its payload of up to 900kg, it is designed for homeland operations and for foreign operations in low-threat regions. The VT4 Standard 2 integrates 350 new references and offers several new evolutions compared to Standard 1: integration of modern communication and positioning systems, extra racks, towing equipment, and blackout lights. The VT4 Standard 2 is also designed to be air-transportable, in order to grant it extra tactical capabilities.

In 2018, the first 500 Standard 1 VT4s were delivered to the French Army. 3,900 Arquus VT4s will equip the armed forces by 2025, replacing the old Peugeot P4 vehicle.