Spanish army to receive more Barrett M95 .50 sniper rifles

An undisclosed Spanish army unit will receive 15 Barrett sniper rifles in 12.7x90mm (.50) caliber, InfoDefensa reports. The total purchase price is €450,000 ($448,000), which means a unit price of €30,000 (US$ 29,800) including VAT. The order was made without public procurement but was directly negotiated. The Spanish Ministry of Defense does not mention the accessories and additional equipment for the sniper rifle.
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Barrett M95SP sniper rifle (Picture source: Wikipedia)

Neither Spain nor Barrett disclosed the specifications of the sniper rifle but one may assume it is the M95, a bolt-action rifle chambered in .50 BMG (12.7×99mm). The M95 It is an improved version of the earlier Barrett M90. It is a bolt-action rifle in a bullpup design. The major difference between the M95 and the M90 is that the pistol grip and trigger have been moved forward 1 inch (25 mm) for better magazine clearance. Also, the bolt handle has been redesigned and bent down and to the rear, the barrel chamber has been plated in chrome, and there are also some minor changes to the trigger and firing pin. The Barrett M95 sniper rifle has an effective range of over 1,500 meters. It weighs 10.7kg ( (23.5 lbs) without the 5 rounds in the loader.

Northern Technologies Defense is the company supplying the rifles, as it was the only company that decided to participate in the tender. This September month, the Ministry of Defense of Spain, Northern Technologies Defense, and Barrett will formalize the order. The 15 rifles should be delivered at the end of November.

Barrett sniper rifles are already in service in the Spanish Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, special operations command, parachute brigades, cavalry, as well as in the popular Galicia Brigade.