Taiwan to induct mobile command vehicles to bypass Chinese special ops

According to Huang Tzu-ti in Taiwan News, Taiwan seeks to secure five mobile command vehicles (MCVs) next year against potential decapitation strikes by China amid heightened cross-strait tension. The defense budget for 2023, which was sent for legislative approval on Wednesday (Aug. 31), includes an item of five mobile command units. A fund of NT$137 million (US$4.5 million) was earmarked for the procurement of the vehicles, wrote CNA.
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CM-34 "Clouded Leopard" (Picture source: Internet)

Providing camouflage and protection in addition to being highly mobile, the units will serve to ensure an undisrupted chain of command in the event of a Chinese invasion, said the Military Police Command (MPC). No technical details are provided to describe such vehicles that might either be of a military or civilian (camouflaged) type, but one may assume they would be a variant of the CM-34 "Clouded Leopard" 8x8 armored vehicle. Indeed, decapitating the political leadership and the military chain of command would be a top priority if China wishes to bring the country into its fold in a swift manner with minimal Chinese losses, the MPC suggests. Other tactics could include sabotaging Taiwan’s infrastructure, it added, as reported by Taiwan News.

The Defense ministry said in a briefing last April the Chinese Communist Party could mobilize special forces or undercover agents in Taiwan to carry out decapitation operations. Striking command chain targets using cruise missiles is also an option that cannot be ruled out. It said in the same report that there are eight possible scenarios for a Taiwan Strait conflict. They include cognitive warfare, grey-zone actions, military deterrence, blockades, seizing outlying islands, decapitation, missile barrages, and an all-out invasion, per UDN, Taiwan News reports.