KEMBARA SUCI unveiling the Buraq 4x4 High Mobility Vehicle Mortar Carrier System Variant

At DSA 2018, being held in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), the local defence contractor Kembara Suci (KSSB) is showcasing for the first time a mortar carrier system variant based on a 4x4 light armored vehicle.

KS 4x4 mortar carrier DSA 2018 001
KSSB new Buraq 4x4 Mortar Carrier Vehicle at DSA 2018

A “world lightest mortar carrier system” according to KSSB, this vehicle provides 120 mm mortar capabilities to high mobility units.

The system has been developed to avoid shot recoil effect into the vehicle. It solved operational problems of current mortar carriers: overload, vehicle reinforcement, large platforms, overheating, limited firing capabilities, etc.

Since it doesn’t use any recoil absorber system, the Alakran system provided by NTGS company, an EVERIS GROUP company, is easy to be operated while keeping the traditional mortar tube effectiveness and efficiency. Likewise, its electromechanical aiming system provides high speed and accuracy in operation.

The Alakran software incorporates GIS technology and new features such as the Zonal Shooting and Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact System that simplifies operations by increasing the mortar effect.

Fully airborne-capable, the NTGS 4x4 Mortar Carrier can be installed in any light military vehicle from 1.5 tonne payload without the need for structural reinforcement. The vehicle can carry up to 40 rounds and shoot up to four rounds per minute in sustained fire in a maximum range of 8,200 m. The whole system can be operational in less than 30 second.

KS 4x4 mortar carrier DSA 2018 002 
The Alakran mortar system fitted on a 4x4 vehicle platform