14.5mm remote weapon system IGG-RWS14 from UAE at DSEI 2017

At DSEI 2017, the International Defence and Security Exhibition in London, UK, International Golden Group from United Arab Emirates presents the IGG-RWS14, new generation of remote weapon system armed with one 14.5mm heavy machine gun.

IGG RWS14 14 5mm remote weapon station DSEI 2017 defense security exhibition London UK 925 001 International Golden Group IGG-RWS14 Remote Weapon Station at DSEI 2017, International Defense and Security Exhibition in London, United Kingdom.

The IGG-RWS14 is a cost effective Heavy Machine Gun based on the 14.5mm weapon. This remote controlled weapon system is developed to enhance the fire power of light infantry vehicles to engage vehicles with armor protection up to STANAG 4569 Level IV. The ammunition of the 14.5mm has twice the kinetic energy of the 12.7mm. The system with the correct ammunition can penetrate 20mm RHA at 50° at a distance of 1,000m.

The Remote Weapon System will be able to fit a 14.5mm, 12.7mm, 40mm or a 7 62mm machine gun.

The system is designed to be light weight and can be mounted on almost any combat vehicle. The system can be operated by one crew-member from under or behind cover with a remote control.

The sight system consist of a day and thermal imaging camera to engage targets any time of day. The accuracy is improved with a laser range finder. The system will be able to engage targets on the move as the weapon will be stabilized and the ballistic calculation will be done in real-time. The effective range of the 14.5mm is > 2,000m.