ScioTeq from Belgium has shipped more than 10,000 displays for US Navy programs

Belgium company ScioTeq has announced during DSEI 2021, International Defense Exhibition in London, UK, has shipped more than 10,000 displays since 2016 for use in multiple U.S. Navy programs. ScioTeq is a leading provider with over 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-tech, innovative, life- and mission-critical visualization solutions for the Defense &Security markets.

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At DSEI 2021, International Defense Exhibition in London, ScioTeq displays a full range of visualization solutions for Land and Naval defense equipment. (Picture source Army Recognition)

“We are very honored that the US Navy continues to rely on the performance of ScioTeq displays to execute its mission,” said Klaas Peerlinck, Business Unit Director Defense & Security for ScioTeq. “Every display supplied comes with outstanding quality and a guaranteed mission readiness. “

Late 2015, ScioTeq was selected for the development of a 15” and 24” rugged display, a dedicated design into a critical Navy surface program. After initial extensive validation cycles, further testing and a tech refresh, the same display configurations have in the meantime been deployed onto a multitude of individual US Navy programs.

ScioTeq is proud to announce that through the Naval Surface Warfare Center, the US Navy has chosen ScioTeq as the dedicated display supplier for its Tactical Tomahawk Weapons Control System (TTWCS).

ScioTeq’s 24” FD-361 multi-touch workstation displays combine an extremely compact and lightweight design with perfect sunlight readability. This renders it highly suited for mission-critical operations in naval conditions.

“ScioTeq is already the standard qualified choice for the Navy’s Common Display System, and this additional contract award for 780 displays reconfirms that ScioTeq often remains the de facto go to brand onboard US Navy surface and subsurface ships.” Says Robbert Crucq, Senior Director Global Sales Defense & Security at ScioTeq. “Obviously we highly value the continued trust which the US Navy places onto ScioTeq and regard it as a badge of honor for our design and manufacturing teams.”

Ship classes that deploy TTWCS capabilities include Navy cruisers (CG), Navy destroyers (DDG51 and DDG1000) as well as all attack and guided missile class submarines (SSN and SSGN). Integration of the Tactical Tomahawk Weapons System with these various launch platforms provides the U.S. Navy fleet with an enhanced and unparalleled capability to cater to the U.S. Navy's need for high-end technologies and to exert precision kinetic firepower from a distance greater than the adversary.