EDEX 2018: New MTLB-V ground surveillance tracked armored vehicle appears

At EDEX 2018, the Arab International Optronics Organization (AIOEGY), a subsidiary of the country’s Ministry of Defense, is unveiling a new MTLB-based « ground and coastal surveillance system » called MTLB-V.

MTLB V ground surveillance radar picture 001
The MTLB-V ground surveillance tracked armored vehicle at EDEX 2018
(Picture source Army Recognition)

Dedicated to border surveillance and fire control missions, the MTLB-V is designed and implemented according to military standard specifications. It achieves the border guard requirements by detecting and tracking all the ground and coastal targets and artillery requirements by increasing the range of survey.

This system is fitted on a MTLB amphibious tracked armored vehicle. The MT-LB is a multipurpose tracked armoured vehicle which was designed in Ukraine early 1960s. Standard equipment of the MT-LB includes NBC protection system and night vision equipment. A white search light is mounted at the front of the crew compartment. The driver position can be equipped with a night vision device. The MT-LB is fully amphibious being propelled in the water by its tracks.

The optronics suite mainly consists of a radar, a thermal sight, a laser range finder, and a day light camera. The complete sensors suite is mounted on a 10m-high telescopic mast. The later can carry up to 110 kg of various payloads. The system is user-friendly and features high manoeuvrability works 24/7 day and night.

The R20SS radar allows a maximum detection range of 10 km for people, 30 km for the vehicles and up to 50 km for the vessels. The thermal sight has a detection sight range of up to 12.5 km for pedestrian and 18.7 km for a vehicle. The eye safe laser range finder allows a maximum targeting range of 20 km.