Eurosatory 2016: Combat proven EO/IR - future soldier technology by Miltech Hellas

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Eurosatory 2016: Combat proven EO/IR technology for future soldier by Miltech Hellas

Stelios Kanavakis                                                                                                                                         Senior Defence Analyst

Miltech Hellas showcased in Europe two of its most recent products for the EO/IR market, at Eurosatory 2016. The weapon mounted MLT-IRS-65HW and the helmet-mounted MLT-WVP. Both have been launched to the market during the first semester of 2016 and have already been exported to different customers around the world.

The weapon-mounted MLT-IRS-65HW is a 3rd Generation, uncooled, shutterless sensor, with a 640x480 definition detector. It is part of the latest MLT-IRS family of sights, which includes the MLT-IRS-35HW, -35H, -60H, -65HW and 80H.

It can be mounted on rifles, heavy machine guns, anti-tank rocket launchers or other light infantry weapons. Army Recognition has learned that the MLT-IRS-65HW has been used in combat operations in the Middle East area. The customer’s comments have been positive for overall combat performance and the ruggedisation of the sensor.

MLT-IRS-65HW, as with the rest of the family of sensors, offers the ability to connect it to an external monitor. It also has an on-screen compass and tilt indicator, an image and video recording capability to an SD card, and operates with the use of two CR123 or 18650 batteries. Moreover, the user can choose between five reticles, depending on the weapon, which can be downloaded on field through a portable reticle downloader.

The sensor can detect, recognize and identify a human at 1,800, 650 and 350 metres respectively, while this capability for a vehicle is at 4,600, 1,500 and 800 metres respectively.


 Eurosatory 2016 Combat proven EO IR technology for future soldier by Miltech Hellas 2Miltech Hellas MLT-IRS-65HW is being used in combat operations in the Middle East with positive comments from the users (Photo: Army Recognition)


The company also showcased the MLT-WVP helmet-mounted sight, designed for reconnaissance and target acquisition. What is innovative about this product is its ability to connect through wi-fi with the family of MLT-IRS sensors, making it ideal for “future soldier” programmes. In simple terms this allows a soldier to fire its weapon while remaining hidden behind a wall or any other obstacle.

The sight is comprised of a transmitter, a receiver and eyepiece OLED display. Their overall weight is around 380 gr. Power is provided by two CR123 batteries. The sight’s transmitter and receiver have an effective range of up to 3 m. with an increased protection to jamming.

The eyepiece features an OLED display with a resolution of 800x600 pixels and a pixel pitch of 15μm. The dimension of the eyepiece is 118x46x46 mm. The construction materials used are aircraft-grade aluminum for the eyepiece and high-strength polymer for the transmitter and receiver.


 Eurosatory 2016 Combat proven EO IR technology for future soldier by Miltech Hellas 1

MLT-WVP thermal aiming sight can be wirelessly connected to the MLT-IRS family of sensors, allowing soldiers to fire their weapons while remaining hidden behind obstacles, thus making the sensors ideal for future soldier programmes (Photo: Army Recognition)