Eurosatory 2016 hosts first showing of Jankel’s latest counter-terror capability : The RF Safe-StopTM

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13 - 17 June 2016
Jankel at Eurosatory 2016
Eurosatory 2016 hosts first showing of Jankel’s latest counter-terror capability : The RF Safe-StopTM
Jankel, a world leader in light vehicle protection and protective technology integration, has chosen the 2016 Eurosatory Exhibition in Paris to showcase an integrated and state-of-the-art RF Safe-StopTM solution for non-destructive, vehicle stopping applications developed in partnership with e2v.
Eurosatory 2016 to host first showing of Jankels latest counter-terror capability RF Safe-StopTM 640 001
The RF Safe Stop TM on the Jankel's booth at Eurosatory 2016 (Photo Army Recognition)
The RF Safe-StopTM system uses advanced radio frequency technology to jam the engine management system of the target vehicle, meaning that the majority of cars, motorbikes, vans, lorries and also small boats, can be brought to a controlled stop at a safe distance with the occupants remaining unharmed and with minimal risk of collateral damage. It is effective at distance, on the move and at speed, giving a flexibility of application not currently available anywhere else in the market.

RF Safe-StopTMis being promoted in the defence and security sector,for land and static requirements,via a technical partnership between Jankel, the integration specialists, and the base technology developers, e2v. Integrated RF Safe-StopTM solutions are thus the latest addition to Jankel’s portfolio of sophisticated products developed to support specialist users in the areas of counter terrorism, internal security and force protection.

The two UK-based companies believe the new solution offers an alternative to traditional vehicle arresting technology to offer an innovative,flexible and mobile response for security checkpoint applications, vehicle convoy security, vehicle apprehension, harbour access control, as well as fixed, mobile and marine asset protection, including by Coast Guard vessels for anti-smuggling and anti-piracy duties.

Commenting on RF Safe-StopTM, Dan Crosby, Jankel’s Commercial Director said:-

“Jankel wanted to be involved in a unique technology which the market did not have, but for which there is a clear requirement – a non-contact, non-lethal vehicle stopping system that is easy to use, effective, and ensuresthe occupants of the vehicle are at minimum risk.

For us, protection is everything. The Jankel team will always dedicate itself to delivering ground-breaking technologies that improve, save and protect lives. And weknow Safe-Stop isa genuine breakthrough for internal security and counter-terrorism that brings a new dimension to convoy and infrastructure protection, as well as checkpoint control and maritime policing.”

Phil Nicholson, Vice President Defence of e2v commented:

“We are delighted to have partnered with Jankel for RF Safe-StopTM. e2v see a growing need to stop moving vehicles in a safe manner, to protect both security teams and occupants. Using our extensive experience in the design and manufacture of RF technologies, our RF Safe-StopTM complements Jankel’s experience at integrating sophisticated technologies into vehicles across its international customer base. RF Safe-StopTM, provides a flexible solution which can be rapidly adapted to best suit our customers’ requirements and delivers optimum performance.”