Raytheon Groundeye for IED detection, confirmation and diagnosing

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Raytheon Groundeye for IED detection, confirmation and diagnosing
Groundeye™ delivers superior detection, confirmation and diagnosing of IEDs (improvised explosive devices). Groundeye™ is unique in offering real-time imaging technology that can show the size, shape and orientation of an emplaced IED without disturbing the ground.
Raytheon Groundeye™ mounted on the Milrem UGV
Groundeye™ delivers superior detection (there is something in the ground), confirmation (that the buried item is, for example an IED) and diagnosing (what kind of IED and the location/orientation of its constituent parts) of IEDs. Whether the buried item is an IED, mine, or some other device Groundeye™ has the ability to aid in maintaining the momentum of manouevre mobility and can be deployed in various ways.

In the dismounted mode, it is used much the same as an SLR camera by an EOD operator, is easily transported with its tripod. When deployed using a remote controlled or unmanned ground vehicle, it is easily integrated and gives a long distance remote stand-off confirmation and diagnosing configuration. Groundeye™ can also be integrated into many types of GPR (ground penetrating radar antennae to give the GPR system-enhanced IED detection, confirmation and diagnosing capability.

Groundeye™ is easy to use from all arms users, up to EOD teams and the whole system is operated using a ruggedized tablet computer. The large field of view and real time information allow for an extremely high rate of operation. It is completely independent of any of the physical attributes of the device it encounters and equally effective against devices containing high, low or even zero metal content. The shape, size and orientation has no effect on detection across the full range of IEDs and their components.

Groundeye™ automatically geotags all iED imagery for easy After Action Review (AAR) and intelligence gathering.

Field trials of Groundeye™ has proven to have a very high probability of detection rate with extremely low false alarm rates and is expected to deliver the ultimate capability against both present and future IED threats.

Groundeye™ is mounted on the Milrem THeMIS UGV. The track system can be fitted to either side of the vehicle and it is modular, with a variety of available weapons or specialized payloads.