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Patria AMV ordered by UAE may be fitted with Russian BMP-3 combat modules
The Patria AMV armoured fighting vehicles (AFV) ordered by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) may get Russian BMP-3 combat modules. On January 28 Finnish Patria company announced, that the UAE had ordered 40 AMV hulls. The Polish AMV license-builder company, Rosomak SA would build them, the Patria`s official representative pointed out. "These vehicles will be produced by our Polish partner in a very tight time schedule", he added.
Patria AMV ordered by UAE may be fittet with Russian BPM 3 combat modules 640 001AMV Patria wheeled armoured modular vehicle
The production will be fulfilled under about USD40 million contract. It includes an option for 50 more vehicles, so the sum of the contract may reach approximately USD134 million. It is supposed that the AMVs for the UAE will lack their amphibious capabilities, but will get enhanced ballistic and anti-mine protection. The 40 initial vehicles will be equipped with remote weapon stations with either 12,7mm heavy machineguns or 40mm automatic grenade launchers.

The optional vehicles will be 8x8L longer variant of AMV. They are intended to be fiited with large caliber armament.

There are no batch-produced modifications of Patria AMV, equipped with 105mm or 120mm tank guns. At the moment, there is only one variant of the vehicle, which has got with large caliber armament. It has received BMP-3 combat module with 100mm 2A70 gun and two coaxial weapons, namely, 30mm 2A72 automatic cannon and 7,62mm PKT/PKTM machingun.

The chassis of this modification has been lengthened by 350 mm. The UAE bought two such vehicles in 2008. So, the optional AMVs may get Russian combat module.

As of February 2015, the UAE had 390 BMP-3s. The installation of the BMP-3 combat module on the optional Patria AMV vehicles (in case of order) would increase the level of the UAE`s infantry armoured vehicles fleet unification.