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IDEF 2017
International Defence Industry Fair

9 - 12 May 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
Aselsan at IDEF 2017
New ETI counter-IED and interrogation vehicle introduced by Aselsan
At IDEF 2017 International Defence Industry Fair, the major Turkish defense contractor Aselsan is showcasing for the first time the new ETI 4x4 armoured interrogation vehicle designed to provide road and convoy security against IEDs.

Aselsan's ETI System interrogation and counter-IED vehicle at IDEF 2017
Dubbed ETI System, Aselsan's new counter-IED platform includes IED detection, IED interrogation, IED desactivation and a Security Management system that allows remote control.

The system is based on one armored security vehicle and involves Aselsan ÇAKI robotic arm, GERGEDAN RF Jammer system, FALCONEYE-MW thermal camera, YANKI-V acoustic gunshot detection system, as well as seismic detectors and the company's SECANS security management center.

Aselsan's ÇAKI interrogation arm system is designed to be mounted over all kind of armoured vehicle. By usage of ÇAKI robotic arm, detection and interrogation of IED's placed at roadsides or vents is achieved. The system is equipped with an integrated cable detection sensor, cameras, video/image recording systems, cutter equipment, and driller and harrow equipment. It can be directed to different locations of the vehicle without affecting mobility. ÇAKI has a length of 8 m and can lift up to 200 kg of payload.

YANKI-V acoustic gunshot detection system
Aselsan's YANKI is designed to detect supersonic projectiles and to calculate shooter's location under all environmental conditions (day/night/fog/rain/snow), using acoustic detection technology. The system main features are an easy integration with geographical information system, alarm generation on GIS, low power consumption and interoperability with cameras and remote controlled gun systems. The moving vehicle variant, the YANKI-V, detects more thant 95% of supersonic projectiles in a response time of less than 2 seconds.

ETI System also includes the FALCONEYE-MW EO/IR system, which is equipped with thermal camera, day TV, laser range finder digital magnetic compass and GPS-based location finding. The system's seismic detector can be mounted on culverts and other critical places. It wireless transmits recorded data to the ETI System.


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