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Glomex Military Supplies at IDET 2013
Wednesday, May 15, 2013, 03:36 PM
Glomex Military Supplies a world leader of products and services for Police and Armed Forces.

GLOMEX Military Supplies is one of the leading suppliers of products and services to the Police and Armed Forces of Central and Eastern Europe. Since 1998, the marketing, engineering, maintenance and training specialists of GLOMEX Military Supplies company provide in co-operation with producers and developers from more than 12 countries a support to armed forces in the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe at armament with products using the latest world technologies and co-operate on long-term basis its partners in support of defense equipment by end-users.


Glomex military equipment for Special Forces

Sniper & Recon apparel

The NFM developes and manufacturers personal camouflage systems. Components that drastically increase the users capability to stay undetected, unidentified in order to succeed on the mission. Personal camouflage systems are modular, lightweight and manufactured in multi spectral materials. The systems are designed to increase the mobility and situational awareness of the user.


Glomex combat identification systems
Multi-spectral combat identification beacon NOVA from O´GARA

The Nova is a multi-spectral combat ID beacon for covertly marking blue force personnel and vehicles. It includes broadband thermal, NIR, and/ or white LED emitters. When operated in thermal mode, it emits no visible signature and is undetectable by conventional night vision equipment. The Nova has an optical output of approximately 250mW in the MWIR band (3 – 5 µm), 45 mW in the LWIR band (8 – 12 µm), 400 mW in NIR band (869 nm), and 70 lumens in the visible spectrum.

Glomex weather stations

AWOS – Automated Weather Observing Systems

are the most advanced automated aviation weather stations of their kind in the world. AWOS is delivered in 4 versions: fixed base aviation weather station (FBS) that measure and report weather for permanent airfield; custom aviation weather stations that can be required for a variety of reasons and can usually be accommodated by basic modifications to existing stations; portable aviation weather stations are designed specifically to meet the demands of tactical or rapid deployment use, built around the rugged Weatherpak; stand alone weather stations (SAWS) is being installed at Class C airports, it is an affordable system aimed at providing the most important aviation information.