Lacenaire's upgraded Oncilla armoured personnel carrier unveiled at IDET 2015 4005152

IDET 2015
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19 - 21 May 2015
Brno, Czech Republic
Lacenaire at IDET 2015
Lacenaire's upgraded Oncilla armoured personnel carrier unveiled at IDET 2015
This year at IDET 2015, the Cyprus-based company Lacenaire Ltd is showcasing for the first time an improved version of its Oncilla Armoured Personnel Carrier. The Oncilla APC is the result of a successful cooperation between Lacenaire, which developed the vehicle, and Polish company Mista, which is assembling the different parts.
Upgraded Lacenaire s Oncilla armoured personnel carrier unveiled at IDET 2015 640 001Lacenaire's improved Oncilla Armored Personnel Carrier at IDET 2015
Lacenaire's original Oncilla armored personnel carrier has been equipped with a diesel engines DEUTZ BF 4M 1013 FC (190,5 hp), the upgraded variant features now an IVECO NEF 4 ENTC (209,5 hp), and Allison 1000 automatic 6+1 speeds gearbox, allowing a maximum highway speed of 120 km/h. The fuel range is 750 km.

Oncilla APC is protected by a Level 2 (STANAG 4569) of armor protection in standard configuration, and can be upgraded after installation of outboard passive armor up to Level 3 (STANAG 4569).

The inhabited compartment consists of a driving compartment, which includes the driver's workplace with the controls as well as the commander's seat with established means of communication and navigation. The troop compartmentis located at the rear of the inhabited compartment and is equipped with special mine protection seats for up to 6 fully equipped soldiers.

The external communication is provided with VHF radio transceiver with an operative range of frequencies from 30 to 110 MHz. The maximum communication range is 35 km. The new communication system installed on upgraded variant of the Oncilla is the FONET, designed and manufactured by the Polish company WB Electronics.
Upgraded Lacenaire s Oncilla armoured personnel carrier unveiled at IDET 2015 640 002WB Electronics FONET communication system fitted on Oncilla APC
FONET is a set of devices and their software creating a unified data exchange base between military vehicles on the battlefield. The FONET system is built on the basis of a central unit that acts as a hub of components of the system. Since the system also works in distributed IP networks, central units can occur as network elements that share system elements to which the former are connected.

Crew members’ desktops, computers and radio communication devices are connected directly to the central unit. Desktops of the system are equipped with headset connectors and many different interfaces, allowing ,for example, for integration of data ports of other vehicle’s systems (detectors of chemical contamination, laser radiation warning systems, navigation systems, etc.) and enabling to include these systems in the communication network created by FONET.

The FONET central unit is a high-efficiency communication server with the Ethernet links and the possibility of IP addressing. Thanks to the VoIP functionality, the central unit can be used in the construction of extensive communication networks without compromising capabilities, enabling access to each mean of communication, available on the battlefield. The FONET system features allow to build modern network-centric battlefield management systems around it.

Upgraded Lacenaire s Oncilla armoured personnel carrier unveiled at IDET 2015 640 003The Oncilla APC fitted with open turret and a NSV 12.7 mm heavy machine gun
The Oncilla can be fitted with a remote controlled turret, as well as an open turret. Each of them is equipped with a NSV 12.7 mm machine-gun, the ammunition load is 450 rounds.

Standard equipment of the Oncilla APC also includes central tire inflation system, hydraulic power steering, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system (HVAC), automatic fire extinguisher system, filtering and ventilation unit , and 6.8 t self-recovery winch.

According to Lancenaire's official, a third new variant of the Oncilla APC will be unveiled at MSPO exhibition, to be held in Poland in September. This version is said to be equipped with increased armor protection.