IDET 2019: VTU displays its ANTOS-LR ultralight 60mm mortar

The Czech defence company VTU is showcasing its ANTOS-LR ultralight 60mm mortar at IDET 2019, Brno in the Czech Republic from May 29 to May 31.

IDET 2019 VTU displays its ANTOS LR ultralight 60mm mortar
VTU was displaying its ANTOS-LR ultralight 60mm mortar during IDET 2019, Czech Republic (Picture Source: Army Recognition)

The ANTOS-LR is an ultralight 60mm mortar, designed from components from high strength aluminium titan alloys and plastics. Standardised mortar calibre (60.7mm) enables to use 60mm mortar bombs both from the Czech production and defined mortar bombs from NATO countries.

The 60mm mortar ANTOS-LR is designed to reinforce the firepower of paratroopers, reconnaissance troops and Special Forces. It serves as a supporting artillery weapon of military units at squad or platoon level. It is designed to pacify and destroy enemy infantry and firing devices of an enemy located in unprotected foxholes and shelters. In addition to that, it is possible to use the mortar to destroy defence barricades, defence observation points, meeting points, military camps, basements or storages, and to liquidate firing centres and local resistance centres.