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19 - 23 February 2017
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Rheinmetall MAN Military at IDEX 2017
Rheinmetall MAN Military a full range of wheeled logistic vehicles and trucks for military forces
German Company Rheinmetall MAN Military showcases its full range of wheeled logistic vehicles at IDEX 2017, including the HX 77 with protected cabin and Integrated Load Handling System (IHLS) as well as a TGS-MIL 8x8 Medium Mobility Truck System with cargo body on the booth of Rheinmetall, 09-A10.
Rheinmetall MAN Military a full range of wheeled logistic vehicles and trucks for military forces TGS-MIL 8x8
No logistics, no tactics! Now more than ever, today’s fast-moving armies need to be sure that their supplies keep rolling. Contemporary asymmetric conflicts lack clearly defined front lines, challenging commanders and manufacturers of modern transport, command and multi-mission vehicles with new requirements regarding mobility, functionality and survivability.

The HX family, made by Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV), rank among the most durable, reliable, versatile and cost-effective in their class. The TGM and TGS model series are based on the globally proven MAN Trucknology Generation. At the cutting edge of commercial truck technology, they set the international standard for robust design and innovative engineering.

All HX vehicles are “military off the shelf” (MOTS) products specially developed for military applications. Their main priority is high mobility and reliability even in the harshest terrains.

Many other militarized vehicles are based on commercial construction vehicles. By contrast, the HX family combines tried-and-tested components from major commercial vehicle series with a toughened low-torsion ladder frame and other technologies designed to meet the specific needs of the military. This includes armour, self-protection systems, extreme fording capabilities, multi-fuel engines that are fully F34 compatible and blackout lighting. Right from the start, these trucks are designed not merely for greater durability and better off-road mobility, but also to operate in a wide range of climate zones. Moreover, they can be equipped with protective modules and/or weapon stations for self-protection.
Rheinmetall MAN Military a full range of wheeled logistic vehicles and trucks for military forces 002 HX 77 Integrated Load Handling System
Depending on customer requirements, all of the HX vehicles can be equipped with a modular armoured cabin (MAC) or a fully integrated armoured cabin (IAC) to meet the highest STANAG or Mil-Standard specifications with regard to ballistic and mine protection. Installation of the MAC takes only six to eight hours, and can be performed by two trained technicians with the help of a lifting device. Furthermore, the vehicles can be equipped with sophisticated command and control technology, a remote control weapon station and Rheinmetall’s hard-kill “Active Defence System”.

Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles has a long history in developing and supplying military vehicles systems to armed forces worldwide.

The military-off-the-shelf concept of the HX family remains as compelling as ever, and these vehicles now form the logistic backbone of numerous armies around the globe. The HX family features variants ranging from 4x4 to 10x10. Cargo carriers, tanker trucks, recovery vehicles, system platforms, folding road and bridge-laying systems – anything is possible.

Today, the HX family already forms the core of a fleet of high-mobility, globally deployable transport vehicles that can be specially hardened for maximum force protection. Around 10,000 of these vehicles are already in service worldwide, which – particularly in multinational operations – offers major advantages with regard to interoperability and logistics. Among others, current user nations include the United Kingdom, Denmark, New Zealand and Australia. Sweden and Norway have also placed large orders with RMMV, the joint venture at the heart of the Vehicle Systems Division.

Just recently an additional international customer has awarded Rheinmetall a major contract for military trucks. The order encompasses 110 logistic vehicles based on the HX81 worth a total of €134 million, earmarked for delivery between January 2018 and February 2019. Additional vehicle orders are envisaged. The contract includes comprehensive service and logistical support for a period of five years.