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Eitan 8x8 APC armoured vehicle personnel carrier
Eitan 8x8 APC wheeled armoured vehicle personnel carrier Israel Israeli army defense industry 640 002 The Eitan is an Israeli-made 8x8 armored vehicle personnel carrier which was unveiled in August 2016 by the Israeli Ministry of Defense. The vehicle is designed to replace the old fleet of M113 tracked armored personnel carrier in service with the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) since many years.

RAM MK3 AT NIMROD light anti-tank combat armoured vehicle
RAM Mk3 MK III AT Nimrod anti-tank missile data sheet specifications information description pictures photos images intelligence identification intelligence Israel Israeli weapon industries army defence industry military technology wheeled armoured vehicle
The RAM Mk3 NIMROD is a light anti-tank missile combat armoured vehicle. The RAM Mk3 NIMROD is based on the fielded RAM Mk.3 light-weight and high- terrain capability armored vehicle, developed and manufactured by IAI's (Israel Aerospace Industries) RAMTA division.

AvantGuard UGCV G-Nius Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle

AvantGuard G-Nius UGCV Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle technical data sheet information specification description identification intelligence pictures photos images engineering Israel Israeli Elbit Systems

The AvantGuard is an unmanned ground combat vehicle. Based on the technological strength and capabilities of G-NIUS’ Guardium™ UGV system, as well as building on the Tactical Amphibious Ground Support (TAGS) vehicle excellent maneuverability in harsh terrain environments, the AvantGuard® UGCV significantly expands the applications envelope to encompass Counter IED (CIED) and ground maneuvering combat missions.

Technical Data Sheet, description, information, specifications, pictures.

MUSKETEER Saymar ltd Multirole light armoured vehicle
Saymar Musketeer 4x4 light armoured vehicle Israel Israeli defense industry military equipment 640 001
The MUSKETEER is a Multirole Light Armored Vehicle (MLAV) designed to perform an extensive range of military and law enforcement tasks. The Musketeer is designed by the Israeli Company Saymar LTD.

LEGATUS Light Tactical Reconnaissance All-Terrain Armored Vehicle


The LEGATUS is an armored 4x4 High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV or Humvee) built for various customers' reconnaissance needs. The production of the LEGATUS is a joint association with the companies Elbit Systems Ltd. , Plasan and AM General.

Technical DataSheet, description, information, pictures.

Guardium UGV G-NIUS Semi- Autonomous unmanned ground vehicle
Guardium UGV semi-autonomous unmanned ground system vehicle G-NIUS Israeli army Israel pictures technical data sheet information description identification pictures photos images
Operationally deployed by the Israeli Army, the Guardium UGV™, is a semi-autonomous unmanned ground system, revolutionizes the effectiveness and utility of perimeter security and represents a long awaited breakthrough in combat applications such as force protection, route proving, combat logistics support and more.
Technical Data Sheet, specifications, description, information, pictures.

Golan Armoured vehicle personnel carrier
The Golan is a wheeled armoured vehicle personnel carrier developed by the Israeli Company RAFAEL. Responding to the need for wheeled armored vehicles for use in asymmetric warfare. The Golan can be armed with a 7,62 mm or 12,7 mm machine gun.
Technical DataSheet, identification, pictures.

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